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But if you’re doing this process offline, you can afford the one or two more seconds this option takes, in case it finds a way to cut the image size further.

PNG24 Another name for truecolor PNG that has no alpha channel.

PNG32 Another name for truecolor PNG with alpha channel.

An additional benefit is that stripping the so-called gamma chunk actually improves the cross-browser visual results, because each browser treats gamma corrections slightly differently.

Pngcrush Our favorite tool for PNG optimization is pngcrush.

The PNG Format PNG (Portable Network Graphics) was created to address shortcomings of the GIF format and its patent complications.

In fact, the joke goes that PNG is a recursive acronym that stands for “PNG is Not GIF.” Here are some of its features: Truecolor and Palette PNGs The PNG format has several subtypes, but they can roughly be divided into two: palette PNGs and truecolor PNGs.In addition, they support alpha transparency and generally compress better, resulting in smaller file sizes. One exception is that very small images with very few colors might compress better as GIFs.But such small imagery should be part of a CSS sprite, because the “price” of an HTTP request will greatly outweigh the saving of a few bits.Most importantly, images are an easy place to improve performance without removing features.Often, we can make substantial improvements in the size of an image with little to no reduction in quality.If you don’t optimize images, you send extra data over the wire that adds nothing to the user experience.

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