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You get 11 years to get a small and fairly barren institution to the top of the league tables, producing the country’s future doctors and politicians.

But then I decided I needed to spend a bit more time growing my school up a star rating (that Dating Spot was expensive to construct). Back to school - the first of Kairosoft’s English language games not to contain 'Story' in its title - is all about running your own surreal school.

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Teachers are rarely seen teaching, students seem more busy with the crops than class (crops?

), and the tuition fees could do with some heavy-handed government reforms given that they barely cover half the costs.

Multiple starting points, with their own mix of students and starting positions and an unlockable ‘fast’ speed option, also mean that replaying the game is a more attractive prospect this time around.

All in all, is the most charming and possibly the most playable of Kairosoft's library so far. I have to watch the graduation ceremony of my third years.

All the while you need to balance the books and expand across the world map with ever more advanced facilities.

Like the current UK educational environment, crashing and burning in is surprisingly easy to do.

You'll also feel a degree of attachment to your little people that wasn't there to the same extent in previous Kairosoft games.

The little characters who gradually go up through the years and figure out what they want to be in life almost have a Sims-like quality about them, despite only the first student and high school name being customisable.

As they sit in classrooms, they’ll automatically receive points in these areas.

As they roam and participate in other facilities, they’ll earn additional points that you can then, in turn, spend in classrooms to boost their core attributes or apply to research.

This is the push and pull: do you spend these points in order to get more areas for interaction, or do you spend them to educate the students more?

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