Pooja pandey live webcom

Minutes after Sachin got to his hundredth hundred off 138 deliveries against Bangladesh, Pandey tweeted, ‘Thanks to Rahul Gandhi for Tendulkar’s 100th 100.

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Not content with her reasonable success as a small-time model, she jumped into the cricket arena for her own little round of hoopla.

As luck would have it, India made it to the final, and Pandey, to the front page of almost every newspaper in India. I was all alone.” She even got threatening calls from some outfits, she says, but cannot remember exactly from whom. Her stunt was a mega-success, this clever splicing of cricket with the shimmer of a hot bod.

She has an office in Malad, Mumbai, to “manage” her work.

Most of this means running her website, which has five domain names, all of which somehow never seem functional.

“The attention was too much,” she now says, “even the international media was calling. “I came up with the whole thing the very night I met her,” says Satish Reddy, founder of public relations agency Scribes Inc and one of three people who handle her public relations. She was with her strategist Vipin and she said she wanted to become successful.

That night, when I went home and switched my TV on, I saw India had lost, and this thing just came to my mind.

The photograph that she had posted on the occasion of Tendulkar’s 100th 100, was a morphed image of the cricketer in Pakistan’s national colours prostrating himself in front of an artfully nude Pandey as Goddess Kali holding up a portrait of Sachin.

This morph-job by a fan of hers, she tweeted, was her ‘gift’ to the ‘God of Cricket’.

“I thought i,” she says, “I just needed to get into the stadium. There were so many cases against me; even an arrest warrant was taken out.

That’s why my phone was switched off.” (they are parents, they understand),” she winks.

’ Many of her quips are trawled off the internet, though some are so baffling that they have to be original.

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