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Mc Crae was a Canadian who enlisted to help the allies in the war.

He was made Medical Officer upon landing in Europe.

You see sitting out front of one of the mega stores was a WWII veteran and what looked like his grandson.

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There are many kinds of poppies but the poppy mentioned in John Mc Crae's poem found growing in the fields of Flanders and often referred to as Flanders Poppy is actually Papaver rhoeas more commonly called Corn Poppy.

This Mediterranean native is found growing in cultivated fields all over southern Europe. They have been found in Egyptian tombs dating back 3,000 years.

Somnus cooked up a concoction and got her to take it, soon she was sleeping like a baby.

Rested and relaxed Ceres could then turn her attention to the corn which began to grow.

The inspiration for this column began at the local shopping mall.

Yeah, I know it is a pretty bizarre place to get any kind of inspiration let alone gardening inspiration but sometimes you just have to go with the flow.He always bought a poppy and kept it in the visor of his truck.I didn't know why he did this exactly except that it had something to do with the war.The god Morpheus made crowns out of the poppy flowers and gave them to those he wanted to put to sleep. Like all legends there is some fact mixed in with the fiction. Its cousin Papaver somniferum is the opium poppy and is native to parts of Asia.I repeat, for all you poppy pod swipers, the Corn Poppy does not contain any opium, so leave the pretty flowers alone so other people can enjoy them.This too is an ancient connection going back to Ghengis Khan.

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