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After the gang's return from Goa, where Sharon renewed her confidence, Taani enters.Taani is Swayam's sister and is in love with Rey, a feeling so strong that it compels her come from Jodpur to Mumbai.

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Like Kria, he is an outstanding dancer, a talent which Kria realises.

She, along with Neha, Vishakha, Amar, Bharat and Swayam form a dance team named 'Weaklings' and decide to participate in Footloose, a dance competition.

Despite initial resistance, she ends up becoming a part of the gang.

After Kria's departure, the Weaklings are busy looking for a 6th dancer,which is why Taani (Vrinda Dawda) pretends to be a good dancer to get into the team, which creates havoc when the truth unfolds.

Swayam finally musters up the courage to ask Sharon out which she refuses.

But she finally accepts her love for Swayam and expresses it, commencing their "trial relationship".Meanwhile, Shivam enters their college once again and tries to break the team.At this time, Sharon and Swayam are getting closer to each other.Aashi has a tiny crush on Swayam which ends up in the gang constantly teasing them together, against Swayam's wishes. Thanks to the efforts taken by the Assistant Vice Principal, Khushboo (Khushboo Grewal), dance is banned and everyone quits the team, except Swayam, Rey, Nilesh and Aashi.After a while, Sharon stops responding to Swayam's calls and messages which gets him worried.Dil Dosti Dance is a dance based fiction show that aires on Channel V India.

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