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As a parent, guardian, or authoritative figure, it is important to help your teen learn to deal with their emotions without using violence.

Preventative methods may include learning nonviolent methods to control their anger or developing more efficient problem solving skills.

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A recent review of the scientific literature on intimate partner violence sifted through several decades of research to highlight what we know so far.

You can use them to work on most problems – both yours and your child’s.

You might like to download and use our problem-solving worksheet (PDF: 121kb) – it can help you come up with a solution together by guiding you through the process step by step.

Another set of researchers used the Love U2 Communication Smarts curriculum to teach low-income, high-risk youth about healthy relationships in an intensive, two-day course.

The approximately 200 youth in the study came from a Louisville, KY, public school program for students living in areas with high poverty, high crime, high teen pregnancy rates and low marriage rates – all of which gives them a higher likelihood than their peers of having unhealthy relationships.You won’t always be there to give your child advice, but you can help him develop problem-solving skills and strategies that he can use on his own.These abilities are highly valued in both social and work situations – they’re skills for life.Demonstrating to your teen – through your words and actions – that violence is never an acceptable form of behavior is essential to your teen's growth into responsible, level-headed young adults.Below are some facts and tips to help you understand your teen's responses and temper his or her anger into a more constructive medium.When teenagers learn skills and strategies for problem-solving and sorting out conflicts by themselves, they feel better about themselves.

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