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Also, before Kalin disappears, he shows the player a photo of the player, Yusei, Jack, Crow, and Kalin wearing Enforcer jackets.

This reveals that the player was once a member of The Enforcers.) Kalin Kessler's (Enforcers) Story (Note: In fact, Officer Trudge never had Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challhua, it was Greiger's Earthbound Immortal).

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Yusei's final event is similar to Episode 56 and Episode 57 where he duels Roman and wins.) Yusei Fudo's (Without Marker / Satellite) Story (Note: This Story closely mimics the first five episodes of the 5Ds anime, wherein Yusei escapes from Satellite into the City to get Stardust Dragon back from Jack.

It is also in this story that Rally Dawson comments that the player has a Duel Runner, yet it is never seen in the game.

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believing, pushing and giving us the confidence and energy to keep on keeping on.

The majority of characters have different names in the English version than the original Japanese.

The Japanese version of this game featured 43 video game new characters.

This isn't always the case, as completing normal Carly's story earns you one copy of each of the Fortune Fairies, and completing Crow's story earns you three copies of Blackwing - Silverwind the Ascendant.

When you complete a Dark Signer story, you will receive 3 copies of their Earthbound Immortal card.

Completing Story Mode with the characters below earns the player three copies of the characters' signature card.

For example, completing Yusei's story earns the player three copies of Stardust Dragon, and Leo's story rewards the player with three copies of Power Tool Dragon.

You did everything so selflessly, without fanfare, fuss or even asking for credit.

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