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The Indonesian policy response was swift and deeply damaging to Australia – withdrawing its ambassador from Canberra, and cutting off of all military cooperation, military exercises, intelligence sharing, and police and maritime cooperation regarding Australian border and immigration controls (aka 'people smuggling').

This is partly because the REPRIEVE operation, and its STATEROOM components in association with the NSA, make up only a small part of the extraordinarily effective Australian capacity to intercept virtually all Indonesian cell phone, radio, microwave and satellite communications.

While the Jakarta embassy operation is itself very productive, its capacities are dwarfed by the satellite communications interception capacities of the Shoal Bay Receiving Station in Darwin.

Thirdly, the SBY spying affair, as it has come to be called, has given rise to a much deeper fracture in the already volatile and brittle relationship between the two governments, a cleavage, sometimes evident, sometimes covered, that will persist long after the current Indonesian suspension of military relations and cooperation over border policing is resolved.

published a 2010 NSA Powerpoint slide released by Snowden documenting the activities of NSA Special Collection Service (SCS) units or Communications System Support Groups (CSSG) operating under diplomatic cover from within US embassies in Berlin and elsewhere, under a program code-named STATEROOM, with a capacity to monitor "microwave, Wi-Fi, Wi MAX, GSM, CDMA, and satellite signals." While electronic spying from embassies, which is illegal unless approved by the host government, has been widely known to be taking place since the beginning of the Cold War by all concerned, including Australia, the It has long been known that ASD has conducted electronic interception out of its embassies, most importantly in Jakarta, under a program code-named REPRIEVE, since at least the 1970s and most likely much earlier.

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The manufacturing expertise has always been combined with research into materials, in order to obtain the best from leather and from the exclusive Pelle Frau® leather, modernising them while keeping their original, natural softness, warmth and tactile qualities.As former Assistant Defence Secretary Alan Behm noted, 'It's saying, "Hey look how clever we are", and, "We've got all this"," Behm said. The matter might have rested there, albeit uneasily, since Indonesia had not asked for an apology.Except that Abbott went on to say that: 'Australia should not be expected to apologise for the steps we take to protect our country now or in the past, any more than other governments should be expected to apologise for the similar steps that they have taken. Importantly, in Australia's case, we use all our resources, including information, to help our friends and allies – not to harm them.' Not unreasonably, Indonesians could well have wondered which category they were in, and in what way this was meant to help them.A review of supervision and oversight of Australian intelligence agencies is urgently required." The revelation from the Snowden trove of National Security Agency documents, that the premier Australian intelligence agency monitored and intercepted phone calls by the Indonesian president, his wife, and inner circle of advisors, has revealed a great deal about the technical capacities of the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD; formerly the Defence Signals Directorate) – and of its managing partner in Five Eyes global intelligence collaboration, the NSA.Moreover it has laid bare the lack of appropriate political and strategic supervision of ASD's activities: what strategic interest could conceivably have been in the minds of the senior members of the ASD, the Australian Defence Force, the Department of Defence, and the Defence Minister himself when, according to the Australian government, all of these entities decided to engage in covert electronic surveillance of the most reformist and pro-Western group of Indonesian leaders in a generation?The same care and passion is also devoted to the most innovative and technologically materials.

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