shania twain dating hockey player - Psoriasis dating

It's one of the best pieces of advice I can give to anyone currently in a relationship or about to embark on one.

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You will see one day, that there are good people out there who would love to be in your life. Hi, fellow guttate girl here (is it me, or does it seem like there are more of us here lately?

) I know it's hard -- especially since it usually covers so much of the torso/chest areas.

@kingdom77 how long were you dating before he asked to marry you? I have plaque, guttural and inverse and am covered all over (at least 80%) and I'm obese.

and what was his reaction after you told him about your psoriasis? It wasn't really bad when we first started dating but got worse as time went along. Yet I'm here to tell you if a person is truly interested in you then they will see you for who you are and not what your skin looks like! I know someday my prince will come but until then, I just keep putting myself out there. I often where sleeveless shirt and shorts in the summertime.

I have severe Guttate Psoriasis going on 20 Years now.

However, I have several girlfriends who couldn't care less about my illness,as they accept me as a good person,not as a disease carrier.

sorry im a hopeless romantic lol i love hearing about how peolple met and all that mushy stuff haha We dated for a year before he asked me. It's a great conversation starter...time to inform the people and get the word out about psoriasis.

I don't always want to be a billboard for psoriasis and until they can find a cure, I will keep my head held high. I've also have had plaque, guttural and inverse P going as far back as 15 yrs and i still find myself struggling with my appearance way too often.

i hate that i have this im trying to stay positive but it difficult, and now that the spring and summer months are almost here im worried about how i will be able to cover my scars. Tell them you have psoriasis and if they want to know what psoriasis is. Not anything specific about your case other than, perhaps, it's guttate psoriasis.

Nothing personal other than the fact you have psoriasis.

So you must be happy that you are not associating with such a plastic,selfish,unfeeling person.

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