azdg dating sites in india - Radgrid edit not updating

The only way to get the Rad Grid to update is by paging or clicking the "Refresh" button. I am binding to an IList which is populated by a business object, using Linq.

I click the add new record button, enter information, and the grid updates properly, displaying the data after the AJAX call.

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The database is changed to the values that were typed in, but those aren't reflected in the grid.

Only after a refresh is the current data displayed. I'm not sure what method would be preferred, because Scott's issue was very similar to mine.

Item, Grid Editable Item) 'Locate the changed row in the Data Source Dim changed Rows As Data Row() = Me. Select("Employee ID = " edited Item("Employee ID").

Update Command Name) Then Dim edited Item As Grid Editable Item = CType(e. Canceled = True Return End If 'Update new values Dim new Values As Hashtable = New Hashtable new Values("Country") = CType(edited Item.

Text = "Unbale to locate the Employee for updating." e.

Text new Values("Title Of Courtesy") = CType(edited Item.

I would like the updates that change values to empty to be valid and for the modal to close itself on insert or update even if the user has not filled out values for each field.

Hello, If you are sure that the insert takes place without problems and your database is updated correctly, you can close the edit form by adding a line that does so at the end of the Insert Command event handler and rebind the grid afterwards: Browse the vast support resources we have to jump start your development with Rad Controls for ASP. See how to integrate our AJAX controls seamlessly in Share Point 2007/2010 visiting our common Share Point portal. Two other buttons that I created from pasting those and renaming them fail to close the window.

The code change suggested for Scott did not work in my case. I am calling the Bind Web Data Grid in the Page_Load.

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