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Conclusions Birth-associated clavicle fractures in infants follow a logical progression of healing changes.Understanding the expected progression and timing of fracture healing may be helpful as it pertains to the timing of injury in cases of abuse in infants.The decision-making process is guided by the quality of information that can be obtained.

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If that information is not needed for acute therapy, this evaluation can be done later.

CT A CT scan can determine if there is soft tissue (brain) injury.

Radiological evaluation to detect acute skeletal injuries most commonly involves the use of "plain" X-rays.

They are very effective at detecting these types of injuries and are often the only imaging studies needed.

Methods We completed a retrospective cross-sectional time-series study of birth-related clavicle fractures from 2006–2013.

A total of 108 digital images were available for review from 61 infants.

Measuring the thickness of the callous formation is a more objective way of guiding the radiologist in estimating the age of the fracture.

ABSTRACT: Objectives Given the frequency of abusive fractures among infants, and the lack of research and or evidence for the phases of fracture healing seen in this age group, this study aims to describe a timetable of radiological features of fracture healing among infants in the first months of life.

In some cases, an historian may initially be considered reliable and later be considered to be unreliable.

If you believe there are conditions that make the history and physical less reliable, use a low threshold for ordering radiological examinations.

This implies a person is not under the influence of any intoxicants, has the cognitive development to respond in an appropriate manner, is not so distracted by the injury that information cannot be relied upon, and can indicate areas of pain or injury.

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