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But the success of the series was a double-edged sword.

"After I left ER I realised I had missed out on a lot of my daughter's key moments, things one would want to be part of.

Last week, Kingston flew into London to slip confidently into a new role as Christian Slater's co-star, playing the cruelly domineering Nurse Ratched in the West End revival of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. And maybe my second marriage." And although she still doesn't mention Fiennes by name, she now has a laid-back, LA attitude to his "commitment issues", past and present.

And since Fiennes (who did not get to see his Constant Gardener co-star Rachel Weisz win her Oscar this week because he is appearing on stage in Dublin) and Annis recently split after he was allegedly again unfaithful, I expect Kingston, 42, to exude triumphalism, or at least smugness. "I know nothing about it, other than that I'm told they are no longer together," she says coolly, as we sit in a south London cafe, her features free of make-up and her auburn corkscrew mane tamed into a ponytail. It's been so long, I can't quite believe I was ever married to him." After their split, she called him the love of her life, said she couldn't bear to watch his performances, and had to flee London because of the memories of her life with him. I think it's a little unfair that he's held up and scrutinised in this way when I'm sure that if you sat on a bus or a Tube, 20 per cent of the passengers would have done similar things." I tell her she seems much stronger than in the past, but she thinks this is due to the tough roles we have seen her in: Moll Flanders, ER's Dr Corday, Boudicca, the duplicitous femme fatale of Mike Hodges's Croupier. "Oh God, you're gonna make that the headline, aren't you? "Well, I do feel that having gone through labour - 36 hours, no epidural - I can go through anything," she concedes.

"I am quite emotionally fragile, and not at all like the characters I play," she says. The serenity that marriage and motherhood have brought to Kingston was hard-won, though.

The trio was also joined by co-star Julian Wadham and producer Paul Zaentz, who also attended a press conference and photo call that day.

In case you’re unfamiliar, the movie was released in 1996, and followed a young nurse at the close of WWII as she tends to a badly-burned plane crash victim.

Then you can have a bit of a fling when you meet up again." As she gets up to go and spar again with Christian Slater in the rehearsal room, she gives me a wicked grin.

at Auditorium Parco Della Musica on Saturday (October 22) in Rome, Italy.But you have to work to maintain it." Haertel had sacrificed his career to stay at home with Salome while his wife went out to work. But in a way he was so good at it that I slightly got lost in the picture." For the past two years, then, Kingston has taken only "small parts in independent films, which are just coming out now", and devoted herself to her family. My daughter is about to go into the school system proper, and we have to be quite careful about where we choose to live for the next five or six years," she says."I was earning more money, and we made the choice that rather than have a stranger bring our daughter up, he would take on the role traditionally taken by woman, and he would be at home and be the primary caretaker. "Also, I don't want my husband to always feel he has to follow me around."Fred [Molina] was very protective of me, and when Florian came to pick me up, Fred insisted on checking him out first," she says."I was very nervous when I met him because I thought it was some awful newspaper scam where I was being set up: he was going to get to know me, get all the intimate details then publicise it. It makes me cringe to think of it now." They married on impulse in 1999, while on a Christmas holiday in Santa Fe.I am going to do a secret sign, so when she sees it she will know that I'm saying hello to her." And are you missing your husband, I say?

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