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According to the available data submitted by the banks, the largest single deposit of citizens in the banking system amounted to 13.7 million euros, said the Defeat of the Central Bank.

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Postoje ljudi koji su cio nas zivot a ne zivimo zajedno iz hiljadu i sto razloga, pa…

» Vrata se zatvore pred grijesnikom koji nema sudbinu.

David was known for having him seven times made heart transplants.

- Every time you get a new heart, it is as if the breath of life surged through the body. Nine years ago he contracted a serious illness Ulcerative colitis / Crohn's disease.

Therefore, the MSCI index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan at 7.30 am was at a loss of 0.9 percent, its biggest daily fall this year.

Asian investors wavered yesterday's decline in shar…I feel alive and with renewed energy - said Rockefeller seventh after a heart transplant. » The attacker, who was killed today during an attempt to kidnap a soldier weapons at Orly airport in Paris, a few hours before wounding a policeman and kidnapped the car I drove to the airport, said the French authorities. Because the disease is a difficult operation, where he removed most of the large intestine, but due to ill health and severe inflammation of the colon rest require urgent therapy clinic in Turkey.Security forces opened fire and killed the attacker at the airport. French Interior Minister Bruno Le Roux said that 90 minutes before the incident at the airport attacker shot at a police officer who had asked for the document at the checkpoint north of Paris, after which he fled. Viktor is currently in Sarajevo due to lack of financial resources which are necessary for further treatment.Ankara believes YPG extended arm of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), who lead an insurgency withi…» Moving the hands on clocks one hour forward on Sunday, 26 March, at two o'clock in the morning begins daylight saving time.Nada se budi ali kasno je traziti spas tamo gdje vjecni mrak caruje. Hladni dodiri okružuju rajske ptice koje su svile gnijezdo u d… The "Dragnet" gave countless government employees private information about Trump has received credible information from sources in law enforcement in connection with individual records of electronic surveillance of American citizens from the National Security Agency (NSA) in the period from 2004th to 2010th The database suggest that Donald J.

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