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(Caring about our communities and our environment, We sell the highest quality natural and organic products available) Oh, you force team members to come in to work, on their day off, once a month, at 7 in the morning, knowing a lot of them live an hour away and the TTC isn't completely running that early in the morning and then force feed them useless updates on the company and embarrassingly artificial pep talks ([Redacted] once compared Whole Foods Market to religion... That was definitely a "Did she really just say that moment.")?

(Supporting team member happiness and excellence, Caring about our communities and our environment)/ Oh, you buy poorly made, ugly t-shirts for your employees that will just be thrown in the trash and pretend they're gifts when they're really just advertising tools?

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(Supporting team member happiness and excellence) Oh, you purchase products from Israel (Or any distant country) if they're slightly cheaper than local alternatives?

(Caring about our communities and our environment) Oh, you've somehow created the worst computer program I've ever used to run your entire buying system? I could design a significantly better interface in 30 minutes on a pad of paper. Even Captain Picard couldn't facepalm hard enough to express the amount of failure in that... (Supporting team member happiness and excellence) Oh, you push employees into greater responsibilities without compensation? (Supporting team member happiness and excellence) Oh, you'd rather attempt to create some sort of fake "culture" with signs and forced meeting than let it happen naturally by letting employees socialize lightly as they work?

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."Dear Whole Foods Market, My experience at Whole Foods was like an increasingly sped up fall down a really long hill. (Caring about our communities and our environment) Oh, you've installed massive television screens all over the store, sucking up energy and polluting the environment with tacky advertisements.

(Caring about our communities and our environment, Supporting team member happiness and excellence) Oh, you waste an absurd amount of energy, ink and paper in your offices for useless bureaucratic nonsense.

So yeah, he's a dick, but you could probably have figured that with his choice of opening quote — or his choice to open with a quote at all. All names have been redacted, and certain boring passages about wholesale prune purchasing have been omitted for your own good. (Caring about our communities and our environment) Oh, you throw out enough food to feed a lot of hungry university students.

And I'll throw this out to Whole Foods employees — is there a quinoa of truth to what he's saying? (Caring about our communities and our environment) Oh, you're asking me to put latex gloves on the sales floor so customers can throw a pair out for every handful of gummy bears they take?

Competition is being destroyed and you're not even pushing that many healthy products. Dear [REDACTED], How you haven't been fired by now is a massive mystery to, not just me, but many people. If you didn't have such a constant negative impact on everyone around you I might just feel sorry for you. You create a hostile work environment with your flashes of insane anger and passive (I hesitate to use the word passive...) aggressive behavior. I do have a suspicion that you're a sociopath though. You're not very good at pretending to be a complete, emotional, sincere human being.

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