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I still have my Hall pass, so I will be speaking about another Hall; that would be Dexter himself, Michael C. He delivered quite admirably with his portrayal of the station's main television anchor George; who is semi-narcissistic but also semi-caring; like most anchors these days; hence Brian Williams; just kidding, just kidding this is not the "life of Brian".

Each somber moment and shared memory invites you to indulge the inherent sadness of loss, but also carries the redolence of hope.

The intimate warmth of the soundtrack, like the weightless smoke of a dying candle in a quiet room, lingers long after the end credits are over.

See more » At the end of the film, a character turns on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" - the theme song is playing and the lyrics say "you might just make it after all". MTM Show ran from 1970-1977 - by 1974 they would have been using the theme song that goes "you're gonna make it after all".

See more » Rock Your Baby Written by Harry Wayne Casey, Richard Finch Performed by George Mc Crae Published by EMI Longitude Music Courtesy of Rhino Entertainment Company/Roulette Records By arrangement with Warner Music Group Film & TV licensing See more » The true story of Christine Chubbuck is not a happy one, but it is an important one.

Kate’s suspicions were such that she insisted on sitting in on some rehearsals for the plays – and the marriage fell apart soon afterwards.

The show, a gripping and acclaimed drama, was called Machinal and featured scenes of them in bed together in their underwear.

And if you disagree with me, I will be "mad as hell and will not take your disagreement anymore".

All kidding aside, Rebecca Hall totally transformed herself into Christine Chubbuck, from her quirky mannerisms to her isolated depression; it was worth a million bucks to see and hopefully come Oscar nomination time, the Academy will be hailing Hall with a Best Actress Oscar nomination.

Some of the songs really are beautiful enough to warrant this type of language, trust me.

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