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In 1988, prostitution has been recognized as a legal profession.

The new law introduced in October 2000 clearly makes prostitution legal, subjecting it to the municipal regulations about the organization and the practice of business.

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This was the law against people exploiting working girls.

In practice the law has been rarely applied and prostitutes were actually not protected.

Two windows at Bergstraat 2 survived until mid 2012.

There were also around eight on Korsjespoortsteeg with a singel window at Korsjespoortsteeg 8 staying open until late 2011/ early 2012.

The area is a nice quiet neighbourhood and I always feel safe walking there at any time.

You rarely see beggars, drug dealers or anyone dodgy looking (unless you include me of course).» Prostitution Being a harbor city, Amsterdam has a long tradition of strong presence of prostitution.Memorized in numerous books, films and songs, nightlife of Amsterdam has been historically one of its biggest attractions.The orange line in the map above shows it's old size.There were approximately eight windows on Bergstraat leading to the well know Amnesia Coffee Shop.The authorities try to regulate prostitution, aiming at protecting minors, eliminating forced prostitution and combating the new phenomena of human trafficking.

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