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(8)Epicauta albovittata Gestro (3) Epicauta ambusta Pall. (6) Epicauta kovacsi Kaszab (1) paratype Epicauta kulzeri Kaszab (3) Epicauta limbatipennis Pic (5) Epicauta maklini Haag-R. (4) Epicauta moesta basilewskyi Kaszab (2) Epicauta nepalensis (Hope ) (10) Epicauta nigromarginata (2) Epicauta nyassensis Haag-R. (1) Epicauta rufidorsum (Goeze) (7) Epicauta siberica (Pall.) (4) Epicauta strigida Mars. (79)Psalydolytta atricollis (Pic) (1) Psalydolytta basilewskyi Kaszab (2) Psalydolytta castaneipennis (Mkl.) (1) Psalydolytta fuscicornis (Klug) (3) Psalydolytta jaloffa (Lap.) (3) Psalydolytta kindana Kaszab (1) Psalydolytta lorigera (Gerst.) (5) Psalydolytta leucophaea (Mkl.) (1) Psalydolytta notaticeps Pic (5) Psalydolytta nyassensis Kaszab (1) Psalydolytta rouxi (Lap.) (4) Psalydolytta sheffieldi (Pic) (4) Psalydolytta sudfanica Kaszab (2) Psalydolytta undet. The list below consists of species names followed by the number of specimens in parentheses. Cerocoma bodenmeyeri (1) Cerocoma dahli Kraatz (8) Cerocoma ephesica Reitt.

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That arrangement is not necessarily consistent among taxa but is based on what I find the most useful for current research and identification needs. (3) Iselma hobohmi Kaszab (1) Iselma lanuginosa Kaszab (2) Iselma pallidipennis Haag-R. (1) Cerocoma prevezaensis (1) Cerocoma schaefferi L.

(4) Epicauta aptera Kaszab (1) paratype Epicauta atkinsoni Kr. (4) Epicauta bioculata elgonensis Kaszab (2) Epicauta chinensis Lap. (6) Epicauta erythrocephala (Pall.) (10) Epicauta fasciceps Walk.

2 paratypes Epicauta (Macrobasis) tenuicornis (Champion) (25) Epicauta (Macrobasis) tenuilineata (Horn) (33) Epicauta (Macrobasis) tenuis (Le Conte) (8) Epicauta (Macrobasis) terminata (Dugs) (46) Epicauta (Macrobasis) texana Werner (40) Epicauta (Macrobasis) torsa (Le Conte) (10) Epicauta (Macrobasis) tripartita Champion (4) Epicauta (Macrobasis) uniforma Werner (204) Epicauta (Macrobasis) valida (Le Conte) (19) Epicauta (Macrobasis) virgulata (Le Conte) (120) Epicauta (Macrobasis) sp. (5)25) Linsleya (Linsleyina) californica Selander (72) Linsleya (Linsleyina) compressicornis compressicornis (Horn) (80) Linsleya (Linsleyina) compressicornis neglecta Selander (1) Linsleya (Linsleyina) sphaericollis (Say) (99)Epicauta (Epicauta) albicincta Haag-R. (6) Epicauta (Epicauta) excavata Klug (29) Epicauta (Epicauta) floydwerneri Martinez (20) Epicauta (Epicauta) fourcadei Denier (1) Epicauta (Epicauta) fulvicornis Burm. rosilloi Martinez (30) Epicauta (Epicauta) singularicornis Pic (28) Epicauta (Epicauta) tristis (Mkl.) (1) Epicauta (Epicauta) suturalis (Germ.) (41) Epicauta (Epicauta) vidua (Klug) (23) Epicauta (Epicauta) vittata Group (25) Epicauta (Epicauta) zischkei Martinez (5) - 1 paratype Epicauta (Epicauta) undet. 300)Eupompha decolorata (Horn) (126) Eupompha edmundsi (Selander) (130) Eupompha elegans elegans (Le C.) (423) Eupompha elegans perpulchra (Horn) (930) Eupompha fissiceps Le C.

) Epicauta (Macrobasis) atripilis Champion (6) Epicauta (Macrobasis) atrivittata (Le Conte) (17) Epicauta (Macrobasis) balli Werner (111) Epicauta (Macrobasis) beckeri (Dugs) (22) Epicauta (Macrobasis) bipunctata Werner (18, including paratypes) Epicauta (Macrobasis) borrei (Dugs) (24) Epicauta (Macrobasis) candezi (Haag-R.) (12) Epicauta (Macrobasis) cinereiventris Champion (26) Epicauta (Macrobasis) croceicincta Dugs (26) Epicauta (Macrobasis) disparilis (Champion) (2) Epicauta (Macrobasis) distorta (Champion) (4) Epicauta (Macrobasis) diversicornis (Haag-R.) & Group (119) Epicauta (Macrobasis) dohrni (Haag-R.) (3) Epicauta (Macrobasis) evanescens Champion (7) Epicauta (Macrobasis) fabricii (Le Conte) (79) Epicauta (Macrobasis) flagellaria (Erichson) (3) Epicauta (Macrobasis) flavocinerea (Blatchley) (2) Epicauta (Macrobasis) forticornis (Haag-R.) (42) Epicauta (Macrobasis) funesta (Chevrolat) (53) Epicauta (Macrobasis) gissleri (Horn) (10) Epicauta (Macrobasis) hirsutipubescens (Maydell) (148) Epicauta (Macrobasis) humeralis (Dugs) (35) Epicauta (Macrobasis) immaculata (Say) (104) Epicauta (Macrobasis) ingrata Fall (6) Epicauta (Macrobasis) isthmica Werner (61) Epicauta (Macrobasis) languida (Horn) (2) Epicauta (Macrobasis) lauta (Horn) (207) Epicauta (Macrobasis) leoni Dugs (6) Epicauta (Macrobasis) liebecki Werner (24) Epicauta (Macrobasis) linearis (Le Conte) (3) Epicauta (Macrobasis) longicollis (Le Conte) (42) Epicauta (Macrobasis) maculifera (Maydell) (11) Epicauta (Macrobasis) melanochroa Wellman (42) Epicauta (Macrobasis) mimetica (Horn) (2) Epicauta (Macrobasis) murina (Le Conte) (33) Epicauta (Macrobasis) niveolineata (Haag-R.) (43) Epicauta (Macrobasis) ochrea (Le Conte) (163) Epicauta (Macrobasis) parkeri Werner (1) Epicauta (Macrobasis) polingi Werner (93) Epicauta (Macrobasis) punctum (Dugs) (12) Epicauta (Macrobasis) purpurea (Horn) (13) Epicauta (Macrobasis) segmenta (Say) (117) Epicauta (Macrobasis) selanderorum Werner (4) Epicauta (Macrobasis) stigmata (Dugs) (30) Epicauta (Macrobasis) subglabra (Fall) (15) Epicauta (Macrobasis) sublineata (Le Conte) (5) Epicauta (Macrobasis) tenella (Le Conte) (204) Epicauta (Macrobasis) tenuemarginata Werner (17) incl. (15) Epicauta (Epicauta) monachica Berg (18) Epicauta (Epicauta) nigrovittata Denier (1) Epicauta (Epicauta) philaemata (Klug) (8) Epicauta (Epicauta) pilma Molina & pilma Group (c. (42) Epicauta (Epicauta) rosilloi Martinez (5) - 2 paratypes Epicauta (Epicauta) nr. (1) Alosimus robustus Escalera (4) Alosimus smyrnensis Mars. (1) Lydomorphus caeruleonotatus (Pic) Lydomorphus dusaulti (Dufour) (29) Lydomorphus karibibensis (Pic) (2) Lydomorphus kulzeri Kaszab (4) Lydomorphus leonensis (Pic) (3) Lydomorphus melanocephalus (Fab.) (6) Lydomorphus mimus (Pring.) (1) Lydomorphus palestinus (Kirsch) (1) Lydomorphus picticollis (Haag-R.) (2) Lydomorphus pictus (group) (25) Lydomorphus purpureicolor (Pic) (4) Lydomorphus pyrrhoderus (Fairm.) (1) Lydomorphus ruficollis (Ol.) (12) Lydomorphus rufopleuralis (Kaszab) (1) Lydomorphus tibialis (Kaszab) (1) Lydomorphus thoracicus (Erichs.) (2) Lydomorphus spurcaticollis breviceps (Kaszab) [ = picticollis (Haag-R.)? (59) Lytta (Poreospasta) auriculata Horn (785) Lytta (Poreospasta) childi Le C. (3)Meloe (Meloe) americanus Leach (16) Meloe (Meloe) angusticollis Say (46) Meloe (Meloe) bitoricollis Pinto & Selander (5) Meloe (Meloe) californicus Van Dyke (3) Meloe (Meloe) campanicollis Pinto & Selander (14) Meloe (Meloe) carbonaceus Le Conte (4) Meloe (Meloe) dianellus Pinto & Selander (19) Meloe (Meloe) dugesi Champion (2) Meloe (Meloe) exiguus Pinto & Selander (3) Meloe (Meloe) franciscanus Van Dyke (57) Meloe (Meloe) impressus Kirby (134) Meloe (Meloe) nebulosus Pinto & Selander (1) Meloe (Meloe) niger Kirby (162) Meloe (Meloe) occultus Pinto & Selander (129) Meloe (Meloe) strigulosus Mann. (4) Meloe (Meloe) vandykei Pinto & Selander (11) Meloe (Treiodous) afer Bland (26) Meloe (Treiodous) ajax Pinto (2 paratypes) Meloe (Treiodous) barbarus Le Conte (64) Meloe (Treiodous) laevis Leach (30) Meloe (Treiodous) gracilicornis Champion (3) Meloe undet. (46)Zonitis atripennis atripennis (Say) (3) Zonitis atripennis terminalis Enns (120) Zonitis atripennis flavida Le C. (1) Alosimus syriacus (L.) (6) Alosimus syriacus austriacus Schrank (4) Alosimus tenuicornis Escalera (2) Alosimus viridissimus Luc. ) (1) Cyaneolytta affinis (Haag-R.) (2) Cyaneolytta amethystina (Mklin) (4) Cyaneolytta atrocoerulea (Harold) (4) Cyaneolytta caeruleata (Fairm) (1) Cyaneolytta depressicornis (Castl.) (2) Cyaneolytta episcopalis (Harold) (5) Cyaneolytta fryi (Wollaston) (1) Cyaneolytta granulipennis (Castl.) (3) Cyaneolytta maculifrons (Mklin) (6) Cyaneolytta resplendens (Castl.) (1) Cyaneolytta signifrons (Fahr.) (5) Cyaneolytta sulcata (Mklin) (1) Cyaneolytta viridis Kaszab (4 paratypes) Cyaneolytta undet.(1) Lydomorphus bifoveiceps (Fairm.) (1) Lydomorphus bisignatus (Mklin) (1) Lydomorphus cinnamomeus Fairm. (88) Lytta (Paralytta) michoacanae (Champion) (9) Lytta (Paralytta) mirifica Werner (8) Lytta (Paralytta) moesta (Horn) (2) Lytta (Paralytta) morosa (27) Lytta (Paralytta) morrisoni (Horn) (5) Lytta (Paralytta) nitidicollis (Le C.) (93) Lytta (Paralytta) plumbea Haag-R. (13) Lytta (Pomphopoea) unguicularis (Le C.) (10) Lytta (Poreospasta) aeneipennis Le C. (1) Meloe (Lampromeloe) cavensis Petagna (7) Meloe (Lampromeloe) variegatus Donov. (9) Meloe (Listromeloe) hungarus Schrank (9) Meloe (Meloe) aegypticus Br. kansana" (21) Epicauta (Epicauta) laevicornis Werner (7) Epicauta (Epicauta) leucocoma Champion (3) Epicauta (Epicauta) maculata (Say) (230) Epicauta (Epicauta) magnomaculata Martin (62) Epicauta (Epicauta) major Pic (63) Epicauta (Epicauta) mixta Dugs (24) Epicauta (Epicauta) montara Ballmer (61) Epicauta (Epicauta) nigerrima (Dugs) (5) Epicauta (Epicauta) nigritarsis (Le Conte) (58) Epicauta (Epicauta) normalis Werner (186) Epicauta (Epicauta) obesa (Chevrolat) (146) Epicauta (Epicauta) occidentalis Werner (40) Epicauta (Epicauta) occipitalis Werner (7) Epicauta (Epicauta) ocellata (Dugs) (9) Epicauta (Epicauta) oregona Horn (132) Epicauta (Epicauta) pardalis Le Conte (269) Epicauta (Epicauta) parvula (Haldeman) (6) Epicauta (Epicauta) pedalis Le Conte (11) Epicauta (Epicauta) pensylvanica (Degeer) (329) Epicauta (Epicauta) phoenix Werner (58) Epicauta (Epicauta) proscripta Pinto (6) Epicauta (Epicauta) pruinosa Le Conte (562) Epicauta (Epicauta) puncticollis Mannerheim (806) Epicauta (Epicauta) punctipennis Werner (9) Epicauta (Epicauta) rehni Maydell (31) Epicauta (Epicauta) rileyi Horn (98) Epicauta (Epicauta) rufipennis (Chevrolat) (26) Epicauta (Epicauta) sanguinicollis (Le Conte) (3) Epicauta (Epicauta) senilis Werner (31) Epicauta (Epicauta) sericans Le Conte (161) Epicauta (Epicauta) singularis Champion (10) Epicauta (Epicauta) straba Horn (332) Epicauta (Epicauta) strigosa (Gyllenhal) (22) Epicauta (Epicauta) stuarti Le Conte (31) Epicauta (Epicauta) subatra Dugs (2) Epicauta (Epicauta) tamara Adams & Selander (10) Epicauta (Epicauta) tarasca Pinto (17) Epicauta (Epicauta) temexa Adams & Selander (13) Epicauta (Epicauta) tenebrosa Werner (12) Epicauta (Epicauta) teresa Mathieu (24) Epicauta (Epicauta) tricostata (Werner) (29) Epicauta (Epicauta) unilineata Champion (8) Epicauta (Epicauta) ventralis Werner (117) Epicauta (Epicauta) vittata (Fab.) (27) Epicauta (Epicauta) vitticollis (Haag-R.) (11) Epicauta (Epicauta) wheeleri Horn (204) Epicauta (Epicauta) sp. (1) Epicauta (Macrobasis) alastor Skinner (31) Epicauta (Macrobasis) albida (Say) (18) Epicauta (Macrobasis) alpina Werner (27) Epicauta (Macrobasis) arizonica Werner (307) Epicauta (Macrobasis) atricolor Champion (47 12? (8) Epicauta (Epicauta) hypoleuca Klug (8) Epicauta (Epicauta) kohleri Denier (29) Epicauta (Epicauta) laticornis ? (44) Epicauta (Epicauta) lineolineata Pic (4) Epicauta (Epicauta) lizeri Denier (3) Epicauta (Epicauta) longicornis Borch. " (7) and fallax x puncticollis (13) Epicauta (Epicauta) ferruginea (Say) (231) Epicauta (Epicauta) flobcina Pinto (10) Epicauta (Epicauta) floridensis Werner (18) Epicauta (Epicauta) fortis Werner (233) Epicauta (Epicauta) funebris Horn (153) Epicauta (Epicauta) heterodera Horn (4) Epicauta (Epicauta) horni Champion (6) Epicauta (Epicauta) hubbelli Werner (46) Epicauta (Epicauta) impressifrons Van Dyke (301) Epicauta (Epicauta) jeffersi Pinto (110) Epicauta (Epicauta) jimenezi Dugs (27) Epicauta (Epicauta) kansana Werner (131) plus "form nr. (9) Meloe (Meloe) monticola Kolbe (1) Meloe (Meloe) ovalicollis Reitt. (5) Mylabris pusilla bosnica Reitter (1) Mylabris quadripunctata (L.) (33) Mylabris quadrisignata (Fisch.) (4) Mylabris screibersi Reiche (18) Mylabris schrenkii Gebler (2) Mylabris sedecimpunctata Gebler (2) Mylabris shah Reiche (1) Mylabris siberica F. (8) Mylabris uhangoni Martinez y Saez (1) Mylabris unidecimnotata Heyd.

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