Response to online dating messages Free online hookups no credit cards needed

Maintain a 1:1 message ratio Do not send multiple messages.There are lots of reasons why someone might not message you back. Now have patience, or set your sights on one of the 10,000 other single people in your area.

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“Hey gurl, luv ur pics” is not going to get a response.

More likely to get a response: a message that is directly responsive to several things in the object of your affection’s profile.

Responding to a few items in a person’s profile will take somewhere between three and eight sentences; if you find yourself writing a six-paragraph missive, work that delete key.

Be original We can tell when your message is copied and pasted to multiple people.

Funny is good, but if you are not actually funny, don’t strain anything trying to be.

Straightforward and nice is infinitely better than trying to be funny and failing miserably.

You’re better off ditching the crappy, manipulative dating tactics and sending a nice, normal message.

Keep it clean Unless both of you make it clear in your profiles that you are on this site for sex and only sex, keep the message PG — yes, even if there’s a mention of something sexual in the person’s profile, and yes, even if you think your sexual reference is cute or funny or clever.

This is how to send a semi-decent online dating message in nine easy steps.

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