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Continue reading , the two were seen at the Grey Goose Pre-Oscar bash at L. Although the two were definitely together, Seyfried did seem a bit uneasy, a source says.

Although it seems the two are back and forth, “When it’s good, they’re really good together.” When is your relationship good enough?

As for Phillipe, “his three-month, nonexclusive romance with Amanda Seyfried had recently fizzled.” What are some ways to “play it cool” around a crush?

Rumour has it Ryan Philippe is making Rihanna feel like she's the only girl in the world.

The singing sensation has been secretly dating the Hollywood actor for the past few months, according to a US magazine.

The actor they still make time to spend time together as a family and are proud of the way they have handled the situation. By Courtney Omernick You may have heard someone state that you sound like your mother, but has anyone ever told you that you look like her? However, some pairs have managed to go from being in a romantic relationship to remaining friends. By Jennifer Harrington Dating in Hollywood’s spotlight can be thrilling and challenging for celebrities.

What are three factors to consider when co-parenting? Below are five celebrity mother-daughter look-alikes that may have you do a double take. Here are Cupid’s top 5 celebrity ex couples who still remain friends to this day. While it can be intense for the stars to navigate love with their partner under the microscope of the media and paparazzi, it’s even more problematic when couples break-up and part ways.

“I was just kind of foolishly thinking that the two of them were done and Dom and I were involved. So I got my heart broken pretty hard,” says Seyfried.

“And then it took a long time for us to break up again.So, for what it’s worth, here are my suggestions for surviving the holidays with a newly blended family: …we’re just getting started. According to 18 year-old Demi Lovato and 36 year-old Ryan Phillippe. Reportedly, Lovato has been hooking up with Reese Witherspoon’s ex-husband and the father of their two children.According to a that Phillippe, the alleged father, plans on taking a paternity test. If it’s his, he’ll take responsibility.” Could it be that Phillippe’s third child is on its way? By Tanni Deb We’ve all had a moment when we’ve stared wide eyed in utter shock at the TV screen after finding out our favorite celebrity couple has split, trying to figure out what went wrong.As a divorced and remarried mother of five children, I know what it’s like to try to manage innumerable family get-togethers over the holidays. Philippe’s last name is included on her birth certificate, suggesting the actor is most likely the father.There are too many schedules, too many conflicts, and (let’s face it) too many cookies. That said, the father section on the certificate is left blank.After that, it’s really hard to open myself up to a new person.

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