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Isn’t it a bit ironic that Robert and Twigs have virtually no time in their busy schedules to see each other, but Pattinson manages to find time to flirt with Sienna Miller? Could R-Patz actually be cheating on Twigs with his longtime friend? For all we know, the demise of Sienna and Tom’s relationship and Robert and Twigs’ relationship might actually have been a result of Sienna and Robert’s closeness. The 27-year-old British actor met up with the couple in Notting Hill to enjoy a night out.

They were there for about an hour."And just last week, the pair went on a romantic getaway to France.

Pattinson and Twigs were photographed looking super cute and comfortable together during a shopping trip. Pattz was constantly putting his arm around his ladylove's waist, hugging her and kissing her on her neck during their retail therapy.

Sienna and Robert’s relationship was always platonic, but throughout their years as their respective spouses have come and gone – could they have developed feelings for each other?

This isn’t the first time that Rob and Sienna’s “closeness” has been speculated about.

Breaking Dawn promotions start soon so we’ll be able to judge their bodies as they walk the red carpet together. Do you think there’s any funny business going on there or are Rob and Savannah just friends?

Rob, 26, may have been cuddling with Savannah Miller, the sexy sister of Rob’s good friend Sienna Miller.

Robert Pattinson’s mystery girl has finally been identified and it appears he’s getting a little help from his friends. Rob is super close with Sienna because she’s Tom Sturridge’s baby mama and fiance so it’s probably no big deal for him to chat the night away with Savannah. Rob’s supposedly with her in LA right now but who knows for sure. And, yes, by the way I know how pathetic that sentence sounded. This is life or death news for the world Savannah Miller.

The mystery blond is almost positively Sienna Miller’s sister Savannah Miller. But it might turn into a big deal if Rob isn’t really back together with Kristen. How is Kristen supposed to act the next time she sees Tom? How’s that going to be knowing Rob’s hooking up with Tom’s sorta sister-in-law? They were probably so close together because the music was too loud, right? Robert Pattinson might have moved on from Kristen with her!

star and the 26-year-old singer were introduced by Sienna Miller and her beau Tom Sturridge, a source tells E! The insider tells us that Pattinson, Miller and Sturridge all went to see Twigs in concert.

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