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By Mitchum's own account, he escaped and returned to his family in Delaware.During this time, while recovering from injuries that nearly cost him a leg, he met the woman he would marry, a teenaged Dorothy Spence.In November 2013, Robert, Terri and Bindi earned the greatest reward ever when after campaigning for seven years, the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve - a special conservation property dedicated to Steve - was finally declared safe from mining by the Queensland State Government.

When all of the children were old enough to attend school, Ann found employment as a linotype operator for the Bridgeport Post.

Throughout Mitchum's childhood, he was known as a prankster, often involved in fistfights and mischief.

James Mitchum was crushed to death in a railyard accident in Charleston, South Carolina, in February 1919, when his son was less than two years old.

After his father's death, his mother was awarded a government pension, and soon realized she was pregnant with her second son, John, who was born in September.

Mitchum rose to prominence for his starring roles in several classic films noir, and is generally considered a forerunner of the antiheroes prevalent in film during the 1950s and 1960s.

His best-known films include Out of the Past (1947), The Night of the Hunter (1955), and Cape Fear (1962).

This was followed by a significant milestone on his 10th birthday in December 2013, when Robert fed his very first saltwater croc in Australia Zoo's world-famous Crocoseum which he continues to do today!

Robert has also co-created his own popular book series: "Robert Irwin: Dinosaur Hunter" for which he completed the illustrations.

Patton in Patton (1970), allegedly because he believed he would ruin the film due to his indifference.

Robert Charles Durman Mitchum (August 6, 1917 – July 1, 1997) was an American film actor, director, author, poet, composer, and singer.

That same year Robert was nominated for a Logie for ? He co-hosted his very own first TV series called Wild But True, airing on the Discovery Kids Channel throughout South East Asia and the Discovery Kids Channel on Foxtel in Australia. s footsteps, the TV series about bio-mimicry allows Robert to share his passion for wildlife and conservation with the world.

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