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16 September 2010When news gets out that Angelina and Vinny hooked up, Mike threatens to spill the beans to the Jose. And Vinny and Pauly find the girls of their dreams, but one of their hearts will be broken.

23 September 2010Things go south for Angelina when the house learns she slept with Jose after smushing Vin.

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7 January 2010Mike "The Situation" invites two girls to the shore house, but things get out of control, and Snooki gets into her second fight of the summer.

Meanwhile, Ronnie has a brawl of his own, leaving Sammi to put their relationship into question.

7 October 2010Vinny decides between two sets of girls.

And with Angelina gone, Snooki thinks it's time that she and Jenni bury the hatchet with Sam.

21 January 2010Ronnie is released from his night in the slammer and the guys comfort Snooki after she has a bad encounter with her ex-boyfriend.

The housemates wrap things up at the Shore as summer draws to a close, but not before one final house hot tub hook up.

17 December 2009After a night of partying at the clubs, Mike "The Situation" and Pauly D. Meanwhile, Snooki's mother comes to visit and spend some quality time together. Polizzi leaves, Snooki becomes very emotional showing her "true colors".

That same night at the bar, all hell breaks loose when one of the housemates goes down.

30 September 2010Mike reunites with his Canadian hottie, providing entertainment for the whole house.

And Angelina tells her roommates how she really feels about them, sending Snooki into a frenzy and finally pushing things over the edge.

31 December 2009Snookie's violent encounter at the bar brings the housemates closer together and she finally feels like she is a part of the family.

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