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But he worried that his students would struggle with questions that were delivered in paragraph form.Some of his seventh-grade students were still reading by sounding out the letters.

The tests were wrapped in cellophane and stacked in cardboard boxes.

Lewis, a slim twenty-nine-year-old with dreadlocks, contemplated opening the test with scissors, but he thought his cut marks would be too obvious.

“Without even reading the question, I could tell you just by the shape of the graph, ‘Oh, my kids know that,’ ” he told me.

He put the test in his fireplace once he’d confirmed that he had taught the necessary concepts.

A month later, when the scores came back, Waller told the students to gather in the hallway outside the cafeteria, where there was a spread of ice cream, pizza, and hot wings. “Everyone was jumping up and down,” Neekisia Jackson, a student, said.

“It was like our World Series, our Olympics.” She went on, “We had heard what everyone was saying: .

Once, when Lewis stopped at a convenience store to tell his students to go home and do their homework, a prostitute approached him. She worked so much that the neighbors helped raise Lewis: they often told him to wash his face or tuck in his shirt or put Vaseline on his chapped lips.

His football coach became a father figure and encouraged Lewis to go to college in Atlanta so that he could have a “historical black experience.” Lewis received a scholarship to attend Clark Atlanta University, which is less than three miles from Parks.

“I’m going to do everything I can to prevent the why-try spirit.” The principal of Parks, Christopher Waller, knew that he had seen the questions before the test.

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