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Is it Okay For a Couple to Be Separated but Still Legally Married? Girls and boys were typically betrothed shortly after puberty, and the betrothal lasted for one year. Does the Bible Say I Cannot Receive Communion in Church If I Remarried After Divorce?

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While I believe it is important to date intentionally, I fully realize that you may not marry the first woman you date.

That’s fine, but you should at least enter relationships with the thought of marriage in the back of your mind and proceed accordingly.

No, they were more than ready for the responsibility of marriage and family.

And they went looking for a wife, not a girlfriend.

If you’ve been dating for a while, your shared emotions are growing intense, you’re talking about children, and yet you show no sign of a proposal, your girlfriend is going to get impatient. If you have no intention of marrying her, you have no business leading her on.

But if you do plan to marry her, well, have a clear plan and make it official.

But stories of valor aside, I’m always entertained by how simply these war veterans viewed dating and marriage.

The story of how they met their wives, contained in their biographical sketches, usually goes something like this: “When I got home from my tour of duty, I was at an officers dance and saw Betty. I told my buddy, ‘I’m going to marry that girl,’ and I asked her to dance.

We could all learn a thing or two from the men of the “greatest generation,” especially the importance of dating intentionally.

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