Rules to successful dating

Basically do not go past date 3 without knowing this information. Certainly don’t sleep with them without knowing this vital information. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time wrecking your head over whether they really like you, whether they’ll call or.

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The dating shouldn’t be one-sided and if your needs can’t be met while you run around meeting theirs, it is a sign of a dangerous, imbalanced relationship. Just because someone is interested in you it doesn’t mean that you have to reciprocate.

It is totally okay for you not to be interested and they are not to reciprocation. If you have a ‘type’ and so far it has failed to yield a successful, healthy, fulfilling relationship, it’s safe to say that you need to let go of whatever preconceived ideas that you hold about the type of person you are attracted to or who is ‘right’ for you. Boundaries are vital in dating and act as your personal electric fence.

There will be a habit of seeking validation and getting trapped in feelings of rejection.

This doesn’t mean you’re interested – it means you want to be right and chosen and ultimately you cannot keep your self-esteem and chase after disinterested parties at the same time.

It is important for you to know your limits and act in accordance, otherwise you will communicate to your dates that not only do you not respect yourself enough but that they are free to take advantage of you.

Shady people will exploit your lack of boundaries and will quickly work out what they can get away with and act accordingly. Never assume that because someone has shown interest, asked you out or is even dating you, that they are single or willing, able, and ready for a relationship.Basically if you only want people who are not interested in you, you have to ask what type of people you’re interested in and why you only want people who don’t share your interest because it indicates a pattern of being triggered into feeling interested when you on some level sense or even know that it’s not going to be reciprocated.You value attention that you have to fight and perform for.If what you saw has disappeared that quickly, trust me when I say it wasn’t real. They’re trying to charm and disarm you so that they can shag you. Dating doesn’t require you to be blind, whether it’s to the reality of someone or to your own needs.For you to have a sense of who they are, the relationship or the possibility of one, and whether it feels good for you, you need to be capable of engaging with them with your eyes and ears open.It’s very insincere behaviour made even worse if you are going to judge the other party if they accept your offer. Someone could be The Nicest Person In The Universe TM but if you have little in common on both the interests and core values front, that is OK.

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