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Thus the Gold Digger Academy, a sort of adult education.“Oh yeah, I have to be careful; he has one of his bodyguards check up on me. The guys are known as “Forbeses” (as in Forbes rich list); the girls as “tiolki,” cattle. And then you realize how equal the Forbes and the girls really are. The oil geyser has shot them to different financial universes, but they still understand each other perfectly.

But he does it in a nice way; the bodyguard turns up with shopping. It’s a buyer’s market: there are dozens, no, hundreds, of “cattle” for every “Forbes.”We start the evening at Galeria. And their sweet, simple glances seem to say how amusing this whole masquerade is, that yesterday we were all living in communal flats and singing Soviet anthems and thinking Levis and powdered milk were the height of luxury, and now we’re surrounded by luxury cars and jets and sticky Prosecco.

Usually Oliona wouldn’t even think of talking to me, one of those impossible-to-access girls who would bat me away with a flick of her eyelashes.

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Apply this principle when you search for a rich man. A pool of serious blonde girls taking careful notes. The academy has faux-marble halls, long mirrors, and gold-color-painted details. You go for your gold-digger lessons, then you go get waxed and tanned.

On a first date there’s one key rule: never talk about yourself. The teacher is a forty-something redhead with a psychology degree, an MBA, and a shrill smile, her voice high and prim, a Miss Jean Brodie in short skirts: “Never wear jewelry on a first date, the man should think you’re poor. Arrive in a broken-down car: make him want to buy you a smarter one.”The students take notes in neat writing.

She first came to Moscow from Donbas, a Ukrainian mining region taken over by mafia bosses in the 1990s. Oliona studied the same pro- fession, but her mother’s little boutique went bust.

Oliona came to Moscow with next to nothing when she was twenty and started as a stripper at one of the casinos, Golden Girls.

In return the sugar daddy gets her supple and tanned body any time he wants, day or night, always rainbow happy, always ready to perform.“You should see the eyes of the girls back home. “‘Oh, so your accent’s changed, you speak like a Muscovite now,’ they say. As a director it’s my job to catch her out, find a chink, pull the emotional lever where her façade crumbles and she breaks and cries.

Well, fuck them: that just makes me proud.”And the minute the sugar daddy gets bored with her, she’s out. I left town.”Oliona’s relationship with the Pushkin-loving Forbes didn’t last long. But she just turns and twists and smiles and shimmers with every color. If she loses her sponsor she’ll just start again, reinvent herself, and press reload. the clubs get going properly; the Forbes stumble down from their loggias, grinning and swaying tipsily.

This is not about fashion, about cool; this is about work.

Tonight is the one chance for the girls to dance and glance their way over the usually impossible barriers of money, private armies, security fences.

Not so much imitative pastiche as knowing hints at someone else’s style.

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