Safari top sites not updating

The necessary changes were initially unavailable to end-users unless they downloaded and compiled the Web Kit source code themselves or ran one of the nightly automated builds available at Open Apple eventually released version 2.0.2 of Safari, which included the modifications required to pass Acid2, on October 31, 2005.

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The version number of Safari as reported in its user agent string is 3.0, in line with the contemporary desktop versions of Safari.

The first stable, non-beta release of Safari for Windows, Safari 3.1, was offered as a free download on March 18, 2008.

In June 2008, Apple released version 3.1.2, Safari 3.2, released on November 13, 2008, introduced anti-phishing features using Google Safe Browsing and Extended Validation Certificate support.

The final version of Safari 3 is 3.2.3, released on May 12, 2009.

The i Phone was formally released on June 29, 2007.

It includes a version of Safari based on the same Web Kit rendering engine as the desktop version, but with a modified feature set better suited for a mobile device.

A number of official and unofficial beta versions followed, until version 1.0 was released on June 23, 2003.

Initially only available as a separate download for Mac OS X v10.2, it was included with the Mac OS X v10.3 release on October 24, 2003 as the default browser, with Internet Explorer for Mac included only as an alternative browser.

After updating OS X, some users have found they cannot access Web sites or other online content that is secured with a signed certificate.

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