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Who wants a dude whose going to steal the spotlight all the time? Chris is your ideal match if you're seeking a guy who will love you a lot, make you laugh, and never expect much of anything in return. Molls was never really a sex kitten per se, but when she put on her Mary Katherine Gallagher persona everything changed. REAL TALK: Kattan's dad is named Kip Kong and was on Reno 911! The man was born to be a mouth-watering combo-deal of sexiness and ludicrous hilarity. I don't want to know the people who wouldn't spend a night at the Roxbury with this ridiculous man.

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Just imagine that wild and crazy focus being directed towards your romantic pleasure.

AS IF you haven't already imagined that before.

Hall joined the cast of Saturday Night Live during its 1985–86 season, after his success in Hughes teen classics The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles.

He was 17 when he was cast – making him the youngest SNL castmember ever to this day – so I'm going to be really careful here, but let's just say that if you were a young person watching this show with your parents, that adorable smirk was the stuff of post-bedtime dreams come true.

You may not have ever thought of Dana as a hunk when he was dressed up in his Church Chat getup, but the man is actually totally adorable.

Truth bomb: Garth was 100x the more bangable of the Wayne's World duo.

Let's be frank: Paul Brittain never really contributed much to the two seasons of SNL he was on. Gilda was the best of the best on the og SNL cast, a woman who would come to represent everything good and funny and original about the variety show's special brand of comedy.

She dated Bill Murray, she managed to be bitingly witty without seeming annoyingly bitter, and had a perfect face that no one would ever forget. One of the most famous and successful former SNL cast members ever, Murphy was a highlight of a weird time in the show's history and also a highlight of weird fantasies one may or may have had about de-cardiganing "Mr. Seriously though, even though he later went on to do some terrible (The Adventures of Pluto Nash, really?

If you went out on a date with Dana he'd be all shy at first, and then before you knew it he'd be all hands-in-pantsy and love you forever.

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