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Scarlett Johansson and Kieran Culkin, brother of child star Macaulay Culkin, are not dating, despite reports to the contrary.

The two actors first sparked rumours that they were together when they were spotted having dinner in Paris earlier this week.

Sooo, Scarlett was spotted at the Crazy Horse last week in Paris, here she is posing with the dancers there, and she was accompanied by... They were also spotted later that night having dinner with two other friends (with Scarlett having her arm over Kieran's shoulders - thing that she also did with her female friend on another set of photos in Paris) and they were both photographed leaving Paris together. I just know that she's been friends with big brother Macaulay for years so maybe they're just that, friends. I'd love it if they were still friends after Party Monster. I thought he was gonna have a comeback after Party Monster and Saved!

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came out, but since then I haven't seen him in anything.

I was thinking moreso an epic downgrade from Ryan Reynolds.

TBH, I absolutely loathe Sean Penn and think he's an abusive piece of shit and he's one of my most hated men in Hollywood, but on a purely superficial basis I'd still pick him over one of the younger Culkins (I can't actually believe I just typed that, to be honest; I fucking hate Sean Penn and have for years).

Obviously I'm talking to someone who will really disagree with me, here!

Anyway, the time they spent together in Paris seemed to be highly conducive to romance.

While Johansson was over in the City of Love to supposedly film a video she rounded off her day with a midnight promenade about the Champs-Élysées with the Scott Pilgrim vs. The following day they were back together again – as evidenced by photos – when they boarded a plane on the way to the US.

But that was not just a fellow-travelers episode – according to The Daily, prior to the departure the two Hollywood celebs enjoyed themselves at Crazy Horse, an erotic burlesque venue, where Scarlett even got caught in the photos in the company of two dancers!

It will soon be a year that Johansson parted ways with her husband Ryan Reynolds and a couple of months after her relationship with Sean Penn came to an end, so the actress is open to proposals!

There was a time when Scarlett Johansson and Kieran Culkin went to the same high school in Manhattan, the Professional Children’s School, though the older guy was two years ahead of the actress (Johansson is 26 and Culkin is 28).

Were they simply glad to get together again this month or are they cherishing feelings towards each other?

However, according to a source, the two are simply friends from high school: "She has never hooked up with Kieran." Meanwhile another source close to the actress has address reports that she and Justin Timberlake are dating, claiming that the pair keep their relationship very casual.

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