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I want to show that We can over come anything, I am willing to put my soul and mind and all I am to get to her.The idea came to me with conviction and I knew I had to do it, wether or not I win her over I have to get the “WHAT IF” out of my head..Scott Gralnick, author of How to Get a Girl in a 1995 Corolla, has taken note of culture’s shifting romantic priorities.

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SEIZE THE DAY, well, this is my day and soon ours, I hope!

At the same time I want to show everyone who will joint that some times no matter what you have to take that leep and not fear..

In doing so be honest and true and sincere…Just don’t spill all your beans to soon!

[Hook: Travis Scott] All my niggas outside Ain't goin' in We been hangin' outside Ain't goin' in [Verse 1: Travis Scott] Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah automatic Yeah always got it on me baby, automatic, yeah Where I'm at is static, but it ain't got traffic, yeah Push up on me, them boys make you do a backflip Balance on the beam, yeah balance on the beam, yeah Do some shit I've never seen Won't you come out with the team, yeah Yeah, you might just win a ring, yeah While they home on they homescreens [Hook: Travis Scott] And all my niggas outside Ain't goin' in We been hangin' outside Ain't goin' in [Verse 2: Travis Scott] We been hangin' outside, goin' in Outside not goin' in Pull up in a Lambo or just with the Benz Checkin' out, never checkin' in We been outside, not goin' in Hope you had a mattress when you sleepin' on me Hope you got some backup if you creepin' on me Cause just last week I rest in peace'd a homie Why you do it?

He parlayed his talent with the fairer sex into a guidebook that taught men how to meet women in a tactful yet creative way. After I talk to her I have a feeling of fullness, but the fullness I feel is the essence she is.

But today Gralnick is a changed man, he’s found what we’re all searching for – Love. (I could go on for ever) WM: Where did you get the idea for your trans-continental marathon stroll?

By eliciting or defining that sensibility, that preference, that reaction from a client is sometimes the most challenging part of a project.

My job is to distill all these things and make sure certain threads come through.

Ok guys and girls, This may seem a bit condescending and going against other dating tips I’ve given out, but bear with me a moment.

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