Seap debt counseling online dating service

Debt counselling will protect the over in debt consumer from aggressive creditors who are quick to take legal action and not always willing to listen or understand the consumer’s problem.Debt counselling will protect the consumer from creditors taking legal action.You must take action as soon as you see that your current income cannot meet all your monthly expenses.

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The debt counsellor is there to help the consumer manage his debt.

The creditor also knows that the debt counsellor is working under the National Credit Authority to look after the consumer’s legal rights. The income must be sufficient that you have money left after paying for your essential expenses before debt payments every month.

Before you can file a bankruptcy, you must receive a credit counseling session from an approved agency.

ACDCA is approved to issue certificates in compliance with the Bankruptcy Code.

The debt counselling process can take time to resolve the consumer’s debt problem.

The debt counselling application process takes up to 60 working days.We realize that some of you are here to get some basic budgeting skills, while others are here to fulfill a mandated certificate requirement.Whatever the reason, we hope that you are able to leave here with a better understanding of money management.This is a long process, but the consumer is protected within 5 working days during the application phase.The debt counsellor will negotiate with the creditor on the consumer’s behalf during the application phase.The criteria to qualify for debt counselling are simple to understand. In other words, you must have money left after paying for food, transport and other expenses to survive from day to day.

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