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The initial prices are slightly more expensive than some other sites, but don’t forget that this tends to reflect in the quality of the members you’ll meet and the fact that their intentions will be genuine.

The initial monthly membership starts at .95 which makes e Harmony the Rolls Royce of senior dating services!

My main criticisms of the service would be the fact that you must work within the structure they have designed.

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Well e Harmony doesn’t work this way and there’s a reason that they do things differently.

Quite often, if we make a choice just by looking at a small picture of someone on the screen and reading their brief profile, we may be choosing people for the wrong reasons, and worse than that, we may be missing out on the ones who would really be our most compatible matches. Neil Clark Warren who researched the most important factors that make couples truly compatible with each other in the long term.

However, they offer very good discounts which make it much more affordable to sign up for longer, such as 33% off if you join for 3 months, 45% off for 6 months and almost 60% off if you join for 12 months. Warren’s detailed personality test absolutely free and I highly recommend that you do that before you join.

I know you’ll learn as much about yourself as I did!

You can also add up to four photos of yourself which is always a good idea!

While you’re still on your free trial, apart from browsing the profiles, you can also send what’s called a ‘Tease’ to other members.

This has some standard questions about yourself as well as asking more about your personality traits, your preferences, interests and hobbies.

Taking the time to provide these answers will give you a much better chance of finding a good match.

The main activity is based around the chat rooms which are friendly and welcoming places, where you can talk to other people in an open and “public” way.

If you want to talk to someone outisde of the main chatroom then you can use the Instant Messenger software which you download separately, which allows you to chat together privately.

The service gives you quite a lot of freedom to make contact with other members in different ways.

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