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Ravens and magpies have fed on road-killed deer as long as I can remember.

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I'm the fellow who grew up being a neighbor to the Brash family. Guy Brash, young wheat farmer from Spangle, Washington, loaded a couple of horses and his wife, Dolly, in an old farm truck and headed to Montana to go elk hunting.

Guy and Dolly wandered the land along the crest of the Rockies for a month.

Now it seems a third band is establishing itself between the river and Bad Rock Fire Station. But they didn't do so during the horse and buggie era, I suspect mostly because horse-drawn carriages seldom ran over and killed deer. Is it possible there are no reasonings without circumstances.

Some creatures appear to reason more quickly than others, however.

When the children married and had children of their own, those children came to know and love the Bob, too.

Gene Brash, who later turned into the best mule packer the forest service ever had, once told me: "When I was a boy, we only had two horses, so we walked everywhere we went." Later, the family owned a string of buckskin rodeo horses, some of which went on to become bucking stock in National Rodeo Finals.

But it's not just solitude—one can find that in the bathroom. My second question is why would anyone poke fun at a fellow human being who prefers Ms. Or is my sole value to life in America merely to serve as a warning to others? Of all the colorful people who tramped the land that is now the Bob Marshall Wilderness, none were as colorful as the family Brash.

Stein's version of America to that of the "Beach Rules" version? Ted Potter writes: "I certainly wouldn't expect you to remember who I am, but I purchased one of your books at Barnes and Noble in Kennewick, Washington a couple of months ago. It all began back in the 1930s, when the area now comprising most of "the Bob" was made up of the South Fork, Pentagon, and Sun River Primitive Areas.

Give me a mountain with no one else on it, or a peaceful river where I can contemplate my navel in quiet and serenity—well, that's when I go, "Whoop-ti-doo!

" Unfortunately, when these friends open up on me, Jane is apt to get caught up in the pack mentality and jump on me, too.

Solitude provides the environment for introspection; crowds foster only kaleidoscopic mish-mash. Stripped down below undershorts, I've ridden my pony bareback into Glacier Park's Harrison Lake for a swim. But to most of us in this region, wilderness is where solitude in a natural world can best be located.

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