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A bar and restaurant that could make Mother Russia proud, Red Square celebrates the communist glory of the Soviet Union, long before glasnost and perestroika came along.

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Of course, the vodka selection is among the best in Vegas, and it's hard to miss the place, thanks to the headless statue of Vladimir Lenin outside. If you can't visit a global attraction in person, chances are pretty good there's a knockoff in Las Vegas.

We've got our own versions of the Sphinx, Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, and if you venture just east of the Strip, a full-scale reproduction of Germany's most famous beer hall.

Just when you thought you knew Vegas like the back of your hand (the pool parties, the buffets, everything), you realized there's a whole 'nother secret hand that you didn't even see!

Hopefully it doesn't belong to an alien prostitute, because -- according to these 12 Sin City secrets -- THERE ARE TOTALLY ALIEN PROSTITUTES IN VEGAS.

Odds are, that at some point during a weekend in Vegas, you'll be doing some kind of praying.

At the Roman Catholic Guardian Angel Cathedral you can pray for luck by offering casino chips as tithes during a special Saturday tourist mass.

Hofbräuhaus features long tables where you can eat Bavarian sausage and pretzels, and giant steins for all of your German-inspired beer-swigging needs.

Arena rock and '80s hair metal live on at this lively and energetic casino bar, with classic videos playing on a wall of TV screens and bartenders dressed in concert T-shirts and wild teased-up hair that would make David Lee Roth jealous.

Located just a little over an hour from Las Vegas, the Alien Cathouse is a legal Nevada brothel, but this one is just a little different than the others: located just South of the former Area 51 test site, the Alien Cathouse specifically caters to those with alien sex fantasies. No, this is not a euphemism for a service provided at the Alien Cathouse.

The Devil's Hole is a 60,000-year-old fissure on the edge of Death Valley that opens up into the sprawling system of geothermal water-filled caves beneath.

Among the kitschy highlights are a waterfall, giant clamshell chair, and a skeleton who pilots his (her?

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