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My philosophy behind the counseling relationship involves trust, acceptance, guidance and genuine concern.""I have been working in the counseling field for over 10 years and am very passionate about encouraging and walking alongside individuals through their own specific journey of healing.

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I provide a safe, non-judgmental therapeutic environment where you can express yourself and your concerns freely.

I value your input while also incorporating the most reliable and validated treatment methods available.

Every individual is unique along with situations and beliefs.

Together we will explore your goals based on your values.""I am a caring & compassionate therapist who works well with individuals overwhelmed & experiencing life changes, transitions and transformations.

My focus changes depending on the needs of the individual.

I enjoy working with teens and adults who have experienced trauma and dysfunctional and abusive families.

Life is full of ups and downs and all of us experience pain at some level.

Yet, there are times the pain can become so intense that we are forced to take a time out for some undivided encouragement!

I am experienced in play therapy techniques and specialize in helping clients work through issues related to stress, loss, self-esteem, parenting, trauma, abuse, trust in relationships, anxiety and depression.

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