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Indonesian Child Protection Commission spokeswoman Erlinda told the many young boys were starting to cross dress or adopt feminine characteristics because they had been "brainwashed" by these television programs.It's difficult to pick the most bizarre anti-gay statement coming out of the moral panic now engulfing Indonesia.

Why wasn't this considered when waiving free visas? This outburst followed days of inflammatory anti-gay statements from public officials, triggered by outrage over a brochure on counselling distributed by a gay support group at the University of Indonesia.

First Higher Education Minister Muhammad Nasir​ said publicly affectionate gay students should be banned from university campuses.

But he has not delivered on his promise to protect religious freedom, according to the Setara Institute.

The human rights advocacy group recorded 236 instances of violence against religious minorities in 2015, the first year of the Jokowi administration.

Then Vice-President Jusuf Kalla asked the United Nations Development Program not to finance LGBT programs in Indonesia.

And then on Wednesday, the country's top body of Islamic scholars, the Indonesian Ulema Council, called for "LGBT activity and other forms of sexual deviance" to be considered a crime.

The hashtag #Darurat LGBT (LGBT emergency) began circulating on Twitter.

For the first time ever, national debate around LGBT rights has reached a flashpoint in Indonesia. Homosexuality has never been outlawed here, other than in the northern province of Aceh, which implements Islamic law.

Within weeks the Indonesian Ulema Council had issued a ruling declaring them a deviant sect.

Police are investigating whether the leaders committed blasphemy and religious defamation.

it's very hard to explain to our friends in the US," Peter Phwan, from Indonesian-American group ICANet, says of the recent LGBT crackdown in Indonesia.

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