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I remember we knelt by his bed once and umm and surprisingly, he suggested it. and I said, Sure and Travis was like (giggles) anyway I didnt want to argue with them so ummanyway, what was I saying? He felt like he needed to kinda grow up He told me that, too. Thats the perception they have of you, and theres a reason for that perception-- maybe because its true. Jodi rubs fingers under both eyes examines fingertips/hands.

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Websleuther Tx Jan1971 has dedicated an enormous about of time & worked hard transcribing the unedited versions of the interrogation videos. He didn’t get really mad, he just kind of guilted me, and finally was like, Fine, whatever, and I hung up.

She couldn't be online this morning but wanted to make sure these got posted ASAP for your reading pleasure. I don’t think you would admit to it if somebody, if your own mother saw you do this, and she told me, Yeah, I saw her do this. (Sighs) I feel that if I would have gone there that I could of…

you know I’ve been working on Travis’s case ever since it happened, okay, and I know exactly when it happened, when he was killed, and a lot of details, and just recently we found quite a bit of evidence, and I’ll discuss that with you. You have the right to the presence of an attorney to assist you prior to questioning and to be with you during questioning, if you so desire. What I want to do is just get to the bottom of it. I know you’re afraid, but you’re already going through it right now.

The main thing that I’m looking for though is answers on why certain things happened… If you cannot afford an attorney you have the right to have an attorney appointed for you prior to questioning. I want to kind of clarify some of these things and, you know, if there’s a question that you don’t want to answer or you don’t feel comfortable you can say no, you know, or you know you can elaborate as much as you want, it’s completely up to you. Everybody wants to know, okay, and…I’m going to ask you some questions and you can voluntarily answer them if you want, okay? It’s small here and really could be seen as an opportunity, umm…rather than umm…a hindrance, because that just means the market is untapped in a large way, so I could have if I wanted to but, I am…I’m kind of like a deer in the headlights when it comes to Prepaid Legal and I just kind of have a fear of approaching people. I’ve been kind of in a daze at least for the 1st few weeks. Yeah, umm …I know that a lot of people have been posting on Facebook really nice things… I think because I’m a photographer I tend to communicate more through pictures, so I posted a ton of pictures that I had of him, umm…

As soon as the detective gets in here, Detective Flores, he can take those off for you. Umm…I’m not really for things like, you know…I’m all for the 10 Commandments, Thou Shalt Not Kill…

I think that’s what he told you anyway that he would allow you to have your handcuffs off. And unfortunately you’re gonna’ have to face the consequences. he truly had feelings for you, and for some reason, he felt that the relationship between you and him was somewhat unhealthy, but he couldn’t stop it… He doesn’t think he has very long to live, but he always says that. I will not believe you, because Travis is telling me that you did this to him. My job is to speak for him, and this is what he’s telling me, and… I don’t know if this is something that you can recall but a lot of the stop lights in Mesa and things have cameras on them. and I assume it’s probably …maybe the same way you felt about him… I didn’t think it was healthy either spiritually at least and probably emotionally, but mostly spiritually and I think that kind of …once you have something that’s not healthy spiritually it filters through all aspects of your life. It’s been that way for a decade but he’s still here, thank goodness. The photo of you started, you know, on Travis’s bed about - something like that. They look a different color because we used a chemical to enhance this. That’s a mixture of yours and his, and that’s your palm print…of your left palm. Isn’t there any way we could back that up or you know if I were going through that tunnel is that surveillance is their surveillance anywhere? they knew I was upset about Travis, and I feel really bad by the way I was acting because I wasn’t, especially towards my grandparents…there were a lot of times… why they went so far and also to get your statements. Umm and you’re considered under arrest or detained. You’ve, you know…I have to read them off this little card here but they’re pretty much the same but I’ll explain them to you as we go, okay? Umm…so I’ve been working at a Mexican restaurant on the north end of town. you know in memories and, at one point I was like well maybe I should do that so I posted this thing and I just said all my memories, and …I realized looking back on it that it was kind of …it kind of sounded immature because it’s more of like My Dear Travis kind of letter – and so I took it down because… (JA’s words are unintelligible as Flores coughs/clears his throat)…. and I have a ton more but I just can’t access right now, and videos and things that I know his family would want, but… Umm…a lot of details on this case that haven’t been released to the public and not even to Travis’s family, and those details are known only by us and the person who did it, okay, and that’s one of the reasons I’m here because I believe you know some of those details, and I think you can help us. You’re not free to go, and I’m a police officer and I have to read you your rights. umm…so I posted pictures and I took that down, and I posted something last week, but other than that I’ve been on Facebook and My Space a lot looking at his profile, looking at his pictures, reading things umm about..obituaries… My job is to investigate, find out who did it, why they did it, and present it to a court. FO leaves room Jodi’s lays her head/upper body back on table, then sits back up Jodi sits up.

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