Sex sms contact Chat asian women with no credits cards needed it

The database has approximately 500 unique messages.

Messages are about 500 characters long, consist of factual information presented in simple language, and often include an encouragement to use condoms or get tested for HIV.

Sex sms contact

The new text message service did not have a measurable impact on health knowledge, but led people to perceive the risks associated with their sexual behavior more accurately.

It also led to increased self-reported promiscuity among some respondents and increased abstinence among others.

The sexual and reproductive health information service, called 6001 (the phone number to which users send a text message), was developed by, Google, Grameen Foundation, and MTN, Uganda’s largest mobile phone service provider.

It allows mobile phone users to text questions on sexual and reproductive health to a server and to receive pre-prepared advice from a database of responses about HIV/AIDS, other STIs, maternal and neonatal health, body changes and sexuality, and family planning.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, about 1.8 million people became infected with the HIV virus in 2011, with the majority of new cases attributed to unprotected sex.

This evaluation tested whether increasing access to information about sexual and reproductive health via a text message service could reduce rates of risky behavior.

They complemented the quantitative data with qualitative data from eight focus groups and 39 in-depth interviews that covered perceptions of the 6001 service, usage behavior, and perceived sexual health knowledge, behavior, and attitude changes.

To get more truthful answers on sensitive topics like condom use and number of sexual partners, researchers used a survey technique called list randomization.

The rapid adoption of mobile phones in developing countries has created new opportunities for disseminating information to large populations at a low cost.

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