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You say that you want to highlight the plight of Palestinians, especially the women? Their plight should be highlighted because they live under siege – they are besieged by a bunch of autocratic lunatics who base their ruling on a genocidal charter that calls for the total destruction of all Jews and enforces a medieval rule of law. Yes, the plight of Palestinian women does need to be highlighted.

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Thirteen women from 13 different countries boarded the Zeytoun-Oliva determined to “end the siege on Gaza”.

Armed with appalling singing voices and a You Tube account filled with moronic videos, they took to the high seas (okay, the Mediterranean) to liberate the people of Gaza from the frightful maritime blockade that is enforced by Israel.

After the sailors indicated that they had no intention to cooperate and to accept the offer to sail to Ashdod, the decision was taken to take control and to prevent it from breaching the legal naval blockade and to divert it to the Ashdod port,” So no, they were not “kidnapped” (see moronic video made by the activists) below. While these 13 women strum guitars and sing on their boat I ask where are the songs for the Yazidi women?

Where are the flotillas for persecuted and massacred Christian women all over the Middle East?

“The process of taking control was short and resulted in no injuries.

The response was implemented after many call to the sailors aboard the flotilla at various distances in the sea.

Hamas who run the Gaza strip object hugely to same sex relationships.

Your concern for the Palestinians is admirable but your sexual orientation will not garner you any tolerance and may find you flung off the top of the nearest building. The Zaytoun-Oliva was safely intercepted by female officers (yup, the so called “occupying forces of the IDF” are sensitive like that!

It is heartbreaking that the voice of the truly oppressed in this region are ignored as political grandstanding is favoured.

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