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At the time, a clause in The Cure's contract prevented Smith from singing on all but two of the tracks.

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Having booked Britannia Row Studios in London, in part because of its historic connections with Pink Floyd, Severin and Smith suddenly had their rainbow-hued feathers ruffled by Chris Parry, head of The Cure's label Fiction Records, who reminded the pair that Fiction's contract with Smith specifically precluded him from singing on anything except Cure records. Then Robert and I would go back to my flat and watch video nasties!

Perry's concern was that Smith had been taking too much time out from The Cure. "But even the video nasties - Bad Timing, Videodrome, The Evil Dead etc - formed part of The Glove's master plan.

Move inside my daydream Like fingers in a glove Twisting round and round and round Round and round and round with love!

Blue Sunshine is the only album by the British supergroup The Glove, which was first released in 1983 by Wonderland Records/Polydor.

Smith devient une deuxième fois leur guitariste, mais à part entière cette fois-ci, de novembre 1982 à mai 1984.

Ces collaborations renforcent les liens d'amitiés entre Robert Smith et Steve Severin.

Just listen to the seductive keyboard sound on "A Blues In Drag" or the Eastern influenced "Orgy".

After a couple pf plays it really is beautiful - in a perverse sort of way.

Slipped in at the end is 'Holiday 80', a lovely drum-machine and synth miniature.

Despite Steve Severin and Robert Smith's pedigree as musicians, The Glove's disappointing "Like An Animal" single had left expectations for this album at a pretty low level. After a couple of plays the jangly guitar, staccato rhythms and generally very strange sounds on this album begin to worm their way into the very heart of you.

In 2006, the album was digitally remastered and re-released by Rhino Records, featuring a bonus disc with Smith singing vocals on studio demo versions of all the songs instead of Landray.

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