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At first, she was very reluctant to speak to this stranger but the pressure became unbearable that she was left with no option than to tell him off which she did but that didn’t help as well.“The said Emeka continued saying that his intentions were genuine, that he actually want her for a wife.

On hearing this, the girl calmed a little and decided to be a little bit more civil with this criminal.

Here goes the story of sexually abused young girl and possibly, almost used for ritual by one Mr.

Emeka Augustine Ozulike popularly known as (Obele), who hails from Akwa Village in Ifitedunu, Dunukofia LGA, Anambra State.

In the name of God if na juju you do true true for xmas market boom, abeg come reverse am. But wait o, the girl in the pic is wearing a ring on her fingers? Back to our Victim sister, Am very skeptical about your own side of the story. Reason is that both of you met at the restaurant and next, You agree to go to his hotel room to " Talk Better"What more did you intend to discuss on the bed rather than Sex?

The reality is that we all make stupid decisions ones in a while, sometimes we are lucky it consequences doesn't go it does go bad we must take responsibility and not play saint. I pity some gilrs of them have been used spiritually but they dont know.thank God she even know.

Read the shocking story as narrated by the Facebook user below:“These goes out to young ladies; beware of the kind of company you keep especially that of strange men you know nothing about.

In today’s world, many atrocities are being committed and the most painful part of it is that the culprits keep getting away with their numerous crimes.“I wouldn’t want to base this on the present situation of the country because these acts has been in existence for as long as I can tell.

She’s very scared and confused having been proven Okay medically.

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