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And find out what Jerome has been up to as well as hear Dr. v=UMf Hip LBo Xk&list=PLiw Xo RKz-URp LSr5K7p KA8FVfo R5Zkg Gb&index=18 ...

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If you missed our exclusive run on Web Therapy, subscribe and tune into Showtime for the unprecedented level of stellar guest castmembers including Meryl Streep (! Continue reading Los Angeles (June 29, 2012) – Web Therapy season two half-hours close out the season with episodes 10 and 11!

The last batch of new episodes feature Lily Tomlin, David Schwimmer, Alan Cumming, Jennifer Elise Cox, Tim Bagley, Michael Mc Donald, Victor Garber, Julie Claire, Dan Bucatinsky, and Rashida Jones! Continue reading Los Angeles (June 5, 2012) – Web Therapy season two half-hours continue with episodes 7, 8 and 9!

Check out Lily Tomlin’s return to Web Therapy here! Continue reading With a press scandal behind her and a Lifetime movie on the way, Fiona’s public image and personal life are on the upswing.

That is, until Jerome and Ben Tomlund share some big news that is certain to jeopardize the campaign and life as she knows it! Continue reading Los Angeles (August 10, 2012) – Tune in Monday, August 13th for another episode of WEB THERAPY on SHOWTIME, Ep. Continue reading Los Angeles (July 19, 2012) – In its fourth webseason, Web Therapy has been honored with a 2012 Emmy Award nomination for short-format live-action entertainment. Find out how Fiona and this week’s co-stars Julie Claire and Michael Mc Donald influence the campaign this Monday, July 16th 11p ET/PT!

This week Lisa Kudrow improvs alongside Lily Tomlin, Rashida Jones, Dan Bucatinsky, Tim Bagley, and Craig Ferguson. v=K0I7l Sh H00s&index=22&list=PLiw Xo RKz-URp LSr5K7p KA8FVfo R5Zkg Gb ... Warning: One may crave both Barry Manilow’s music and a candy ... Fiona Wallice’s beliefs, ‘good fences make less visible neighbors which makes for a better Fiona.’ However, she is forced to confront Grace, her next-door neighbor aka Lauren Graham this Wednesday at 11p ET/PT on an all-new Web Therapy on Showtime Networks: https:// Continue reading 11/6/14 – Are Kip and Fiona rekindling their romance?

And catch a sneak peek of what loyal patient, R̶i̶c̶h̶a̶r̶d̶ ̶P̶r̶a̶t̶t̶ Jacques Camos has been up to: https:// Continue reading Tonight’s all-new Web Therapy on Showtime Networks at 11p ET/PT boasts features the return of Rashida Jones, Dan Bucatinsky, and Lauren Graham as well as the first appearance of Craig Ferguson as Austen Clarke’s brother. Continue reading 11/12/14- Tonight’s all-new Web Therapy on Showtime Networks at 11p ET/PT boasts such great guest stars including Lauren Graham, Jon Hamm, Jennifer Elise Cox, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson alongside the always amazing Lisa Kudrow. Probably not but find out right now on brand-new episodes available only on Style Haul’s You Tube Channel: https://And before Wednesday night’s ep on Showtime Networks check out a sneak peek of the always delightful Allison Janney asking Fiona how to become a ‘master of sex’: https:// Continue reading Craig Ferguson returns tonight to seduce Lisa Kudrow‘s Dr. Continue reading What should you be thankful for this week?Fiona in tonight’s episode of Web Therapy on Showtime Networks. Dan Bucatinsky, Rashida Jones, Lily Tomlin and Tim Bagley also return. How about a star-studded brand new Web Therapy episode this Wed at 11p ET/PT on Showtime Networks? patients of Web Therapy, be sure to binge watch the next 5 episodes of Season 4 exclusively this weekend at before they air on Showtime starting on Wed, 11/19 at 11pm. Continue reading 11/13/14 – Jon Hamm joins Lisa Kudrow in the next batch of Web Therapy webisodes available through Style Haul’s You Tube channel: https://During her stay in the insane asylum she has committed a crime so egregious that only a plea ...Continue reading Los Angeles (February 1,2012) Premiering today on a three episode arc, Minnie Driver takes on Fiona Wallice as the former child star “Allegra Favreau” as she tries to turn Fiona’s autobiographical book “Whistling While I Worked” into a Lifetime Movie with her as the star. Continue reading Los Angeles (January 4, 2012) — Premiering today and continuing the following two Wednesdays, Jan.The new batch of episodes feature such amazing guests like Lily Tomlin, David Schwimmer, Selma Blair and Conan O’Brien!

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