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(Both charges were later dropped.) Shortly after, the Victoria’s Secret Angel was introduced to Brant, who had served 84 days in a Pennsylvania federal penitentiary in 1990 for failing to keep adequate tax records.

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Mother and son have brought shame on the 69-year-old Interview magazine owner and art collector, who is desperate to rein in his family.

“Peter doesn’t quite know what to do,” says a source close to the Queens-born tycoon.

Though Brant was still married to his first wife, Sandra Simms — with whom he has five children — he and Seymour had Peter Jr. They wed two years later, with Naomi Campbell as maid of honor.

Says a Seymour source: “Stephanie was searching for a father figure and Peter was looking for the ultimate trophy wife.” Son Harry was born in 1997 and daughter Lily in 2004. Still, as a neighbor told The Post in 2009: “Greenwich-housewife material she was not.” Throughout their marriage — there was no prenup — the Brants have stayed ripe for the gossip mill, with rumors of infidelity on both sides.

Two years before, he Instagrammed a text exchange with a pal in which he joked about killing President Obama.

(He later issued a public apology.) Last Sunday, Page Six reported how the designer-clad millennial skipped out on a bill at Nobu and argued with the restaurant staff, sticking his “horrified” socialite pals Kyra Kennedy and Gaïa Matisse with the ,000 tab. has cut off his troubled son’s credit cards — and notes that he was absent at Seymour’s last court appearance.

She had no problems taking off her clothes and doing what had to be done.” But her personal life almost overshadowed her work.

As Gross told The Post in 2009, Seymour — who has admitted to drug use — had a reputation as a man-eater, “working her way through a string of very handsome, very high-profile men.” Among them were Charlie Sheen and Warren Beatty, whom the beauty was dating when she was cast in the 1991 music video for Guns N’ Roses’ “November Rain.” Singer Axl Rose reportedly told a colleague, “I’ve been hit by a Mack truck, and the license plate said ‘Seymour,’ ” and suddenly, Beatty was out of the picture.

According to Page Six, a source said he was acting “drunk and belligerent,” got into a fight with a Jet Blue staffer, assaulted a Port Authority police officer, and set off an emergency-exit alarm. insisted he’d only had three drinks, but was reportedly taken to Jamaica Hospital to be treated for severe intoxication.

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