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"Certainly, doing comedy has been fantastic, suddenly realising that I could make people laugh. So all you can do is keep muddying the waters a bit."It's evidently a problem that has been occupying Pike's thoughts rather too much. Hanging out with a character as strong as a Bond girl, it's like the mother would look on in horror as her daughter got led astray by this rather unpleasant older girl who took her under her wing.

Everybody thought they came as a duo – and everywhere they go, they go together.

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Now 30, it hardly helps that, with her perfectly sculpted features, gem-like green eyes and slim figure, she comes across as unapproachable.

Or that her English reserve once led a friend to state, "She's not a gusher." In her eyes, though, she's different.

Suddenly, my personality was usurped by Miranda Frost's hostility and cool, I think."Rather than become bitter about it, Pike seems to have accepted it as simply something that happens in films.

Some actors, after all, get saddled with recognition for one role for their entire careers.

Early next year she begins rehearsals for the lead in a production of Ibsen's Hedda Gabler.

"My agents look on in horror, because it doesn't bring any money in at all," she grins.

"But I never thought I'd make any money at all doing this business.

Film was never even on the cards."Her love of theatre evidently comes from her upbringing.

She freely admits, "I have Bond to thank for my whole career." Indeed, compared to some Bond girls, who – post-007 – disappear back to the modelling career or life of sunbathing in St Tropez from whence they came, Pike used it as a launch pad. It was just at the very end and you saw these glimmers … And the boys, you could see this pull."They were not the only ones.

Hollywood films such as Fracture and Doom followed, as did well-received period pieces such as Pride and Prejudice and The Libertine. She recalls carrying out research for the Canadian film Fugitive Pieces, where a producer took her during the Festival of Purim to the home of an ultra-orthodox Jewish family. "They don't watch television, but even James Bond as a word permeates the consciousness. And it didn't matter what she did to try to shake it off.

At least Pike has been able to move freely between film and theatre.

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