Simpson lisa dating boy episode

Showcasing the strongest vessel for the show’s heart, these episodes sneak up on the viewer, avoiding the typical markers of a memorable Simpsons installment on their way to bittersweet laughs.The heart of the show wants what it wants, and in “Lisa’s Date With Density,” it wants Nelson Muntz.

Read on, hopefully with a mix of horror and delight.

Springfield was rebuilt in a different place and everyone moved to the new city and abandoned the old one In the show’s 500th episode, Season 23’s “At Long Last Leave,” the Springfield townspeople held a secret meeting to kick the Simpsons out of the city because their constant antics have bankrupted Springfield.

Lisa has yellow skin, blue-grey eyes, and blonde sun-shaped hair.

She is usually seen wearing a strapless red dress with a zigzag hem, matching red strapped Mary Jane shoes, frilly white underpants, and a white pearl necklace (given to her by Marge), though sometimes wears different outfits.

(Says Nelson of the poster: “Gotta nuke something.”) After years of voicing Lisa and Bart, Yeardley Smith and Nancy Cartwright knew how to play several sides of an adversarial relationship, and they strike a fresh new dynamic of antagonism as Lisa and Nelson try (and fail) to understand one another.

character, from the five main family members to the recesses of the vast recurring cast.The Simpsons go to live in an unincorporated community called “The Outlands” that’s run-down and has no laws.Soon, everyone in Springfield wants to start a new life in The Outlands, and the entire town abandons Springfield and rebuilds it in The Outlands, so every episode after episode 500 takes place in a second, different Springfield.Lisa brings in a new outfit at least once every season.When Marge insisted on sending her to ballet, she wore a leotard and tutu in the same shade as her new church outfit, and pink ballet shoes.The two characters don’t have much in common, but they do share this: The tragic inability to fit in.

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