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They may joke or even offend the guy in question, sending him off alone.

Which is not very encouraging, and neither is the standard way of going out: sitting down, group by group and with little interaction between them.` Tilen (24) thinks that Slovenians have just as many problems breaking up as they have difficulties getting together. At the end of the relation, it will be on-off, with common friends to take into consideration and many unpleasant decisions to be taken.

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Avoiding directness Nina (23) has been with her boyfriend for quite a while and cannot remember that she ever asked a boy out for a coffee.

Like Aljosa, she doesn`t consider herself `the kind of person` to do something like that.

If I did it again the next time, they would probably get annoyed and find it unnecessary.` Aljosa further explains: `Of course, there are some of these typical guys who can get away with just about everything.

They will just walk up to a girl and ask what they want from her.

Some girls may like it, but most of them probably won`t.

Only when there`s a lot of alcohol involved, strategies like these may work.

Slovenia is located right next to Italy, but there are definitely some stereotypes that the Slovenians do not share with the Italians. Very little of that applies to the Slovenes, who seem to have some difficulties in expressing their appreciation of the person they fancy.

Aljosa (28, photo) will do exactly nothing if he likes a girl.

If it`s not part of their personality, it just makes them look ridiculous. A Slovenian who is too friendly will be cuker naraste: too sweet or even cheesy.

Apart from that, they are usually too cowardice to say anything at all before they get drunk.` `I love you` in Slovenian is not used in the same way as in Italy.

Otherwise, the best way is to keep meeting up with friends and making sure that there are fewer people every time you meet up. Then you might go for a drink, the next time for a meal, then for a walk..

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