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The occupants of the vehicle included Delaion Woodbury, 20, Matthew Barnes, 21, Michael Barnes, 19 and Andrew Barnes, 17.

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We are back in the USA, crossing the bridge near Niagara. Coast Guard employee involved with search and rescue and law enforcement. His wife, Connie and children Tad, Kelsey and Addison live in the keepers dwelling with him. We arrived at the Gay Head Lighthouse located at the western most tip of Martha's Vineyard.

After taking 31 minutes to go seven miles on the "Expressway", we got off for a short ways and maybe saved some time. Arrived at the Poplar Point Lighthouse in North Kingstown, R. It is on a private road so we weren't able to get very close. The original light was built in 1799 and the present tower in 1856. It once had a first order fresnel lens (which is now in the town of Edgartown) and has been replaced by a Carlisle & Finch optic, like an airport beacon. The lighthouse is located on the top of beautiful red clay cliffs.

Left and went to Wickford to eat lunch at the Seaport Tavern. Ferry arrived in Vineyard Haven on Martha's Vineyard and we boarded our tour bus. He and his wife, Jennifer, are recent college graduates. Arrived at West Chop Lighthouse from the landside this time. We took turns climbing the tower and Wayne gave lens lessons at the top. We were able to climb the tower which had been especially opened for the society tour.

“Our protocol is to be out there in daylight hours until we or another organization finds them.” Miller said DNR boats will be back out on the water to continue the search at 7 a.m.

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A beach was named after her and is now a nude beach (notice he didn't tell us that until we were back on the bus).

We traveled to the town of Oak Bluffs and saw a few of the Gingerbread cottages.

During his time in the Navy he qualified for Submarine Warfare and graduated first from his Sonar school.

Members of Georgia Department of Natural Resources search for a missing 17-year-old near the Skidaway Narrows Boat Ramp on Sunday.

Because of erosion, the light was in danger at 37' from the cliff, so it was moved in November 1996 to its present location - again 200' from the cliff.

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