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Arriving at the port moments later, Vicki apologized to Nick for slowing them down enough to miss the ferry.

Nick snapped back, "I'm sick of you being sorry. You gotta suck it up." Nick's harsh words caused Vicki to start crying.

I was like the exorcist." Returning to the buffet with her now queasy stomach, Claire studied the food once again and this time she found a piece of plastic sashimi as Brook screeched with excitement. It's disgusting." OLD WORLD TRAVEL Arriving at the Bruce Lee Statue in first place, doctors Nat & Kat opened their clue to find a Detour with the choice of Ding Ding or Sampan.

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I'm not giving up, but I have to do it at my own pace." Brook testily retorted, "Of course.

Heaven forbid you do anyone else's." After reaching the ferry to catch back up with Nat & Kat and Jill & Thomas, Brook made peace with her partner, saying, "Let's hug it out." PICKY EATERS Running off the ferry in Kowloon, doctors Nat & Kat took the lead over Jill & Thomas and Brook & Claire and arrived at the Majesty Chinese Restaurant in first place to find a Roadblock.

With the arrival of last place Nick & Vicki, Brook kept up her encouragement, telling her partner, "It's you and Vicki, Claire.

You got this." With each wrong guess, Claire stuffed her face with an assortment of rice and fish, both fried and raw.

Instead of easing up on her, Nick continued by asking, "Why are you crying?

" Vicki responded that Nick was being mean to her and that she wasn't being slow on purpose. We stop, we go home." When Nick walked away, a tearful Vicki said, "He keeps yelling at me and I can't do anything about it.

In it, one team member had to use a pair of chopsticks and peck their way through a vast buffet of food searching for one of only five items that were fake. Once they found the fake item, they would receive their next clue.

As karaoke blasted around her and people sang and cheered at their tables, Nat approached the sprawling buffet table and began to closely inspect the plates of food for a fake piece before touching any with her chopsticks.

The extra time the tattooed couple needed to reach the port made all the difference as the ferry carrying the other three teams closed the gate and pulled away from shore.

Nat told the happy teams that Nick & Vicki would now be on a ferry thirty minutes behind them.

NICK & VICKI' S LONG NIGHT After falling behind early, dating couple Nick & Vicki battled back to catch up at a gut-busting Roadblock where Vicki struggled but refused to give up.

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