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They will then list the case numbers of cases that they wish to track via the email monitoring.

Each time that there is activity in a listed case, the attorney will receive an email notice of that ..

In 2014, Terry Josiah founded The Gratitude Group, after receiving a B. in Music History and Creative Writing from the University of Texas at El Paso.

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Overcoming drug addiction, numerous suicide attempts, and a criminal record due to the tragic loss of her 22-year old daughter – Tammy became a fighter with a message.

“Mama Tammy” as thousands worldwide call her has become a beacon of hope for families grieving with the loss of a child or loved one due to domestic violence.

Her strength as a survivor and groundbreaking social change initiatives have been recognized on dozens of major publications such as: Glamour Magazine (Inspire a Difference Everyday Hero Recipient), ESPN (Advocate for Christy Mack), Investigation Discovery (National Recognition), Huff Post, Mic, Bustle, New York Post, and many more.

Her burning desire for social change led her to becoming one of the nation’s youngest founders of a national domestic violence organization and also serves on the National Advisory Board for the leading resource for domestic violence victims, Domestic

Sep 17th, 2001 – just 6 days after the terror attacks on 9/11 Terry Josiah was sworn in.

He served twotours in Iraq and was an integral member in the Battle of Fallujah. He is an honored member of The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP), and the fraternity of achievement – Kappa Alpha Psi.

Our Mission: To provide organizations and businesses with quality educators leading the discussion of domestic violence, social change, and equality.

With a combined effort of over 35 years of service and thousands served, our speakers have had the honor and privilege of educating men and women about the dangers of abuse worldwide.

“I use my life experience and stories to inspire and educate audiences about fundamental life practices and personal development.” – Terry Josiah Audrey Mabrey is a believer in Jesus, a survivor and an advocate against domestic violence.

She travels nationally and internationally educating students and adults about domestic violence and the power of forgiveness.

Bernadette Freeman, Executive Clerk of Operations, Richard Daley Center, 50 West Washington Street, Room 1001, Chicago, Illinois 60602 (312-603-5400). Criminal and Traffic Expungement Guidelines and Forms. While attorneys remain responsible for monitoring and tracking their own cases, this new service provides attorneys with a valuable backup or safety net to help them keep pace with the practice of law in "Internet time".

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