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If the ride is the most grueling minutes of your life? The event is generous in demongraphic, as ages 21 to 60 years old are welcome.

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But it was clear from the opening, in which Danner’s character, Carol has to put her beloved dog to sleep, that the 71-year-old Danner, was going to carry the movie, and that was…comforting.

The long-widowed Carol has a pretty well-ordered life.

While I was indeed moved by the film’s gentle conclusions with respect to life and aging, I was on the whole more impressed by how genuinely amiable the movie is: it’s an hour and a half spent with fictionalized people who are a real pleasure to “be” with. The Ebert Club is our hand-picked selection of content for Ebert fans.

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Many of them will have sexually explicit pictures on their profiles.

Afton Alps is hoping that you find love this Valentine's season.

Disorder enters in the form of a black rat in the house; Carol asks the new pool-cleaning guy, Lloyd (Martin Starr), to investigate.

A weird, tentative friendship starts blooming between the aimless, bearded, much younger Lloyd and Carol.

(Though that combo most likely won't be paired together on any rides -- unless that is your thing.) Ride pairings will be aided by the professional expertise of LUMA matchmakers.

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